Looking Ahead: Predicting Wrestlemania

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We all love crazy fan theories right? They give us hope and the opportunity to discuss (mostly argue and yell) with one another the endless possibilities wrestling has to offer.

What’s even better is when the theories we come up with end up being true or have even the slightest chance of occurring. Those moments and anticipation do make wrestling fun, even if we are disappointed by the result or the dirt sheets get our hopes up only to prove completely false.

Awhile back on The Three Count I discussed the potential the eventual Bray Wyatt vs. Randy Orton feud had. It has everything you can want on both sides. On the one hand you hopefully have the possible disbanding of the Wyatt family, allowing Bray to fly solo and on the contrary, you have the eventual push for Orton.

Previously, I made the claim that the Bray vs. Orton feud had a chance to make for good TV along with a great match at Mania. The timing is just about right, and any longer you may see the team become stale and fast.

Here is where the wacky, insane and probably impossible prediction comes. At Elimination Chamber the main event for Mania will change. Bray Wyatt earns that first title and sets up the demolition of Wyatt family in Orlando.

Now, before you start ferociously typing away about how stupid this idea is, think about how much sense it makes. Granted, the typical WWE move is pretty clear here. Go with the two guys who have been around forever and let them do their thing. Is it the best main event ever? No, but it won’t be a dumpster fire of a match either.

The history really is what makes the match such a bore for many fans of the WWE, considering the 87 title changes between the two through the years. Typically the company goes with this or Brock Lesnar vs. Goldberg to the main event. The good thing for fans is this hasn’t been a typical year for the company.

Kevin Owens, Finn Balor (briefly) and AJ Styles were all crowned champions this year, and in the past, the chances of any of those guys even being on the roster were slim to none. Now, at one point, these guys were considered the top guys in the company. If ever there was a time to shake things up a little this may be the time.

It works on any level really. If people get on the Wyatt bandwagon, then having the title on him. If people just want to see Orton kick his ass, it works even better. The storyline is there, and it’s an easy situation to handle. The people who want to see Orton wrestle are going to tune in no matter what, and there are plenty of individuals who show support to Bray still.

Granted, you could always just have Bray screw Orton in the main event at Mania, but that is such a cop-out. Without the belt or the tagline of Mania, the rivalry doesn’t have near the meaning.

Bray and Orton make sense and really, with Elimination Chamber so close, along with Fastlane, it isn’t so far out there to think both titles could change hands to support story lines. We want the belts to mean more, and while a lot of people aren’t fans of short title runs, in this case, the belt on Bray along with an Orton victory brings back some traditional wrestling many fans miss.

We want good storylines, and this is a perfect way to end the odd Wyatt Family and Orton saga. The belt matters, and it’s something new. Of course, as crazy predictions go, more than likely we will just see another Cena and Orton match to end Mania, but I can dream.

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