The WWE Weekly Recap: June 13th, 2016

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Prior fans will remember our weekly recaps of all things WWE, at least when it comes to the main roster. Unfortunately, somewhere in the hustle and bustle of fame and fortune, we lost our way. Our weekly recaps went the way of the dodo. However, with the main roster split looming, changes are coming to The Three Count. What exactly will change is still up in the air, but until then, I thought it would be fun to look back on the week that was.

Believe it or not, there’s a Pay Per View on tomorrow. Given the hype WWE has put behind the show, you may have thought otherwise. Frankly, the past two weeks have been relative yawners, save for a few segments. Therefore, as a public service to those of you that found something better to do with your time (re: anything), this is what you missed this week in WWE.

Little Enzo Finds A Mate

The week before last, the WWE thought it would be a good idea to sell the Money In the Bank ladder match by having all six participants open the show by talking trash about each other while perched atop a ladder. This whole thing was cringe-inducing, but it was able to keep my attention diverted elsewhere.

What happened this past Monday? Heh. Welp. For starters, Big Cass dropped the bombshell claim that his tag team partner, Enzo Amore inserted himself inside of Xavier Wood’s girlfriend, his trombone Franchesca II. Eventually, all four teams competing at Money In the Bank would make their way to the ring to discuss the alleged trombone coitus. It was awful.

Preach It, Cena

It is incredible how great the time away has been for John Cena. The epic promo war he engaged with when paired opposite AJ Styles this past Monday was some of the best mic work we’ve seen this year. Cena left it all on the table in his takedown of Styles. His dig at the attitude of Indie stars in the WWE was a particularly sick burn.

Jerry Lawler Suspended

Friday morning, Jerry Lawler and his fiance were arrested and booked after a domestic disturbance. Unfortunately, circumstances surrounding the incident are murky at best. However, that didn’t stop WWE from suspending the Hall of Fame member due to their zero tolerance policy against domestic abuse. After seeing the situation involving Adam Rose take the direction that it did, it’ll be fascinating to see how this plays out.

Making Darren Young Great Again

I’m curious to see what the end game for Darren Young. Sure these vignettes featuring the legendary Bob Backlund are great entertainment, but I’m confused as to what exactly we are to buy into as far as a new character goes for Darren Young. Considering Raw featured the pre-taped segment shown on Smackdown, expect next week’s Raw to do the same.


Nothing happened. Another six-man tag match went down with our Money In the Bank participants. The babyfaces took on the heels, again. Everybody hit their finishers, again. Nothing occurred in this two-hour broadcast to sell me on watching Money In the Bank. Smackdown certainly earned their poor television ratings this week.

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