WWE Roadblock: What did the Main Event Accomplish?

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Roadblock was the network special many of us believed it would be. There were some entertaining segments mixed in with some matches the special probably could have gone without. Did we really need to see Jericho and Swagger?

What many people didn’t expect, or at least I did not, was just how good the main event match was at Roadblock. The match more than likely was going to do one of two things Saturday night – either there was going to be something happening to change the main event or it was just going to be another match to push forward to Wrestlemania.

Oddly enough, neither of these two outcomes, while are still technically true, Ambrose versus Triple H was an exciting and well paced match that did one thing I myself was shocked with. Even in the loss the WWE put Ambrose over more than I ever thought possible.

This wasn’t just a way to have one more event before the big show in April, or a means to and end for storyline purposes. If it ever felt like Dean Ambrose was being tested for the future, Saturday sure felt like it was happening.

It’s no secret the crowd has given Ambrose huge reactions and support over the last few months and it makes so much why the crowd is heavily favoring the wrestler. Currently, aside from Brock Lesnar, Ambrose is the only guy who is selling the tough guy persona well.

He goes out there and gives as much as he takes, which is a lot. This was evident more so at Roadblock than any other night. Here is Triple H, the man who has screwed over Dean and Roman Reigns for what seems like an eternity now and is the authority figure of the company. On the opposite side is Ambrose, the rebellious, pissed off crazy man who is willing to destroy himself to administer some damage.

This was finally the match where it seemed like Ambrose was given the green light to go out there and do what he does best. Some of the best moments of the match were early on when Ambrose gave Triple H the pat on the head or laid out on the top of the turnbuckle taunting the boss.

Ambrose finally got to be crazy, but with a purpose. He got to mock the man in charge and do it by force. This wasn’t a match where Ambrose was getting lucky and showboating because it was his character, but because he was beating Triple H. It felt so much more organic than many of his previous matches.

They even allowed Ambrose a three count on Triple H, which of course was overturned because Deans feet were ‘in the ropes’. Of course they were. Then they had Ambrose put Triple H in the sharpshooter. In Canada. I really don’t know how much more they could have done other than have Dean win and go on to Wrestlemania.

This match along with the crowd reaction really showed it is time for creative or for Vince to pull the trigger on Dean Ambrose. It is time to give him the ball and see what he can do with it as champion and honestly, there really isn’t a reason not to at this point. If they really fear Dean brings the value of the belt down and putting it on Reigns is the best thing for the company without some major character changes then there is something seriously wrong here.

This isn’t to say they should necessarily change the main event and forget about Reigns and for everyone collectively screaming at their screens at this time I’ll take a moment to let you regroup. Okay. Good. While Ambrose seems like he needs the belt now and as much as I would love to see him win the belt at the biggest show of the year there is just too much promise in the street fight with Lesnar and Reigns.

Also, this gives a great opportunity for a Reigns turn after dropping the belt to Dean. It almost makes more sense to go through with Wrestlemania as is rather than pull what they did previously with Daniel Bryan. Besides, as long and as hard as he has worked to get where he’s at, Dean and his fans probably would be just happy for him to have the built and the spotlight.

The main event at Roadblock does not necessarily mean any of these changes will actually happen for Ambrose. Honestly, the WWE could very well just let ambrose have great matches and never give him the Wrestlemania or world title run many believe the man deserves. If the WWE doesn’t decide to do give Ambrose a push to the top it will only exacerbate the fans disdain for how the company has treated one of their top workers.

After Roadblock it seems obvious that was the match and the work Dean needed to show to get a chance at a top spot, but as we have seen before the obvious answers seem to allude the WWE more than they should. If Saturday’s main event did not prove Ambrose has earned at spot as one of the top guys then nothing will.

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