Without Smackdown Gold, Orton’s Days as a Wyatt are Numbered

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Let’s go ahead and talk about the elephant in the room regarding the Wyatt family. We all know how this ends – Randy Orton betraying Bray and screwing over the Wyatt family. 

It’s really the only way it can end, but that doesn’t mean it still can’t be a rewarding and fulfilling storyline. In fact, where the story is right now isn’t bad and is beneficial for Bray and for Orton. 

Orton and Bray were both stagnant coming into Smackdown. Wyatt has been floundering for awhile and Orton’s return has not been well received. There are always the cheers that come along with a veteran talent, but it isn’t the fanfare people are accustomed to seeing. 

With Orton and Bray as a team it feels new and it feels unique. As the weeks pass it seems more and more like a creative fit for both parties. It once again affirms Bray’s position as a master manipulator and gives Orton a chance to play with some new creativity. 

I even believe putting the tag team championships on both guys was a good move. While Heath Slater and Rhyno were an interesting tag team, it was a team that wasn’t made to last a long period of time. While the Orton and Bray alliance isn’t going to last for years, if the creative team will play the long game with the storyline then it has a chance to turn into something. 

However, that is the key to all of these. I have heard from fans all over how much they dislike the new addition to the Wyatt family, because at some point they know Orton will turn, which in some ways is unfair to the creative process.

It’s only a wasted story if the booking department does nothing with it. If it ends in a short tag team run and then a feud against one another, then it was just another story to fill some space on T.V. but there is a prime opportunity to benefit everyone involved. 

This gives the WWE an opportunity to push Bray Wyatt and see if he can every regain or exceed his previous expectations. People loved Bray Wyatt and undoubtedly want to love the character again, but loss after loss has the competitor looking weak. 

Now, they have a chance to use the super team as a chance to put Wyatt back in spotlight as a legitimate threat to anyone. With Orton by Bray’s side, it’s a very hard force to stand against. Also, now that Bray has some gold it could be time to try and see what other belts he can hold down the line. 

Is Bray ready for a WWE title run right now? The answer is a definite no. AJ Styles is still the champ that runs the camp (oh god what is wrong with me?) and it needs to stay this way for now. Of course, there is also the probable outcome in which John Cena comes back and takes the championship at some point in the very near future, say at the Royal Rumble for example… but down the line we could see the Eater of World become world champ. 

It creates a lot of different creative potential and if and more likely when the WWE want to put Orton back into the main event picture a rivalry with Bray makes so much sense and gives extra motivation to fight him outside of the belt. 

Again, this only works if WWE runs with the group for an extended period and make sure they are relevant and in some captivating stories. There will always be those boring programs in the WWE because it’s how they work, but they have to try their best to make sure the group isn’t becoming synonymous with monotony. 

It also would be great to see the company utilizing Luke Harper more, but we can only ask for so much this holiday season. Although, it would make for a much more strong faction. 

There is something with promise here and the wrestlers involved are taking it seriously. Recently, Orton teased an RKO to Harper during a recent house show, only to back off and then taunt the crowd. It’s the kind of brilliance that adds to the story, even if it’s only a house show. It’s using the age of social media to your advantage, something WWE needs to embrace in more of their feuds.

In most likely hood the story involving Orton and Wyatt will end sooner rather than later and may hit it’s pinnacle at Wrestlemania or even as soon as the Rumble. I still hold out hope that for once we can see a storyline play out with a satisfying conclusion. 

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