Announcing The Second Annual Countie Awards

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After a somewhat extended holiday break, The Three Count returns to bring to you the best wrestling commentary available on the internet today. In addition to renewing our commitment to producing the best content on the web we return with an exciting announcement. For our second consecutive year, KultureShocked.Com is honored to celebrate the best and worst of the year in the WWE.

Announcing… The Second Annual Counties

The Counties represent the culmination of a years worth of performances and storytelling by way of the worlds largest professional wrestling promoter. In addition, The Counties are our opportunity to acknowledge exemplary work from some of the finest professional wrestlers on the planet. It also is a chance to shine a light on performances that come a bit short of the mark.

Victors will be crowned in several categories ranging from returning awards from prior counties including a few new additions to the mix. Nominees and winners will be deliberated by our writing and editorial staff with each member given a chance to make his or her pick public. Finally, eligibility ranges from the November 23rd (2015) edition of Monday Night Raw to Survivor Series 2016. Winners will be announced Monday, January 9th, 2017.

As such, it is my true honor to reveal to you the categories for this year’s Countie Awards!

This is likely the closest he'll ever come to this category...

This is likely the closest he’ll ever come to this category…

Wrestler of the Year

The highest honor bestowed to any WWE wrestler is KultureShocked’s designation of Wrestler of the Year. Any wrestler, male or female is eligible to win, as is any wrestler performing in NXT or the main roster. Being named Wrestler of the Year is a statement on par with winning the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. Both convey the same message: This person is the best wrestler in the world.

Male Wrestler of the Year

Any male wrestler primarily performing on the main roster is eligible to win, regardless of their brand affiliation.

Female Wrestler of the Year

With the Women’s Revolution appearing to finally come full circle, expect this category to posses fierce competition and inspire some fierce debate inside the Lou Albano Wing of 0069 Kulture Shocked Tower. As with their male counterparts, only main roster competitors are eligible.

Match of the Year

The heart and soul of any professional wrestling federation is the work inside of the ring. The competitors in this match showcase everything that makes professional wrestling special and display the unique nature of the greatest sport on the planet. For this category, matches will have taken place on an episode of Smackdown, Monday Night Raw or a main roster Pay Per View event.

Tag Team of the Year

Tag Team wrestling has a long and storied history in this country, and the winners of this award exemplify everything that makes a good tag team: charisma, fluidity and chemistry. Main roster wrestlers are eligible to receive this distinction.

Babyface of the Year

Be it Hulk Hogan, Bret Hart or John Cena, the face of the company has driven the direction of WWE in some fashion since the days of the territories. The main roster winner of this award takes the “good guy” persona to exciting heights.

The Roddy Piper Memorial Award: Heel of the Year

For every Hulk Hogan there exists a Ric Flair. John Cena had his CM Punk and Shawn Michaels his Chris Jericho. The Heel of the Year is the bad boy everybody loves to hate, and every babyface longs to silence. Only main roster male and female performers are eligible for this award.

The Freddie Blassie Memorial Award: Manager of the Year

Where some wrestlers come short in the ability to verbally connect with a crowd, the winner of this award carries on the legacy of Freddie Blassie as the not only the mouth piece to a wrestler, but as the ambassador to a character that audiences maybe wouldn’t connect with otherwise. Both main roster and NXT managers are eligible for this award.

Feud of the Year

Long build or short. Flashy or based in the ring, this feud is what kept us coming back for more, even if we did live with Sheamus as champion for a few months. Any male or female main roster or NXT performers are eligible for this award.

The Scott Steiner Award: Stickman of the Year

This main roster male or female connects with the audience through their excellent work on the microphone in additional to their work in the ring.

Rookie of the Year

This NXT or main roster male or female wrestler is the person we will likely be talking about for months, even years to come. The winner of this award appears poised to become the next Stone Cold Steve Austin or Fabulous Moolah. To meet eligibility requirements, nominees cannot have performed with WWE for a total of one calendar year, beginning November 23rd, 2015. However, it is important to note that this designation applies to wrestlers who are “rookies” within WWE, not necessarily to the sport of professional wrestling

This is far more likely.

This is far more likely.

Worst Wrestler of the Year

Any main roster male or female wrestler is eligible for this designation and as such, will be awarded to only the most deserving of the roster.

Worst Worked Program of the Year

This main roster television episode or Pay Per View event left us staring at our phones and begging for our snapchats to get answered, rather than paying attention to the action on screen.

The Mike Adamle Memorial Award: Worst Announcer of the Year

Bai Gawd Maggle, that’s not Sting…

Worst Gimmick of the Year

The main roster winner of this award brings to mind reflections of Brutis Beefcake or Issac Yankem rather than moving professional wrestling into a brighter era.

Worst Stickman

This main roster winner can barely carry a tune rather than a full blown interview or promo. The winner consistently delivers some of the most cringe worthy, groan inducing mic work since IRS.

Worst Feud of the Year

These are the two main roster competitors who’s promos, ring work and in ring segments made you leap across the table and scramble for the remote.

In addition the following categories will be awarded with a focus on WWE’s developmental branch, NXT

Wrestler of the Year

Match of the Year

Tag Team of the Year

Worst Wrestler of the Year

We at KultureShocked are humbled by the response to our work and thank each and every one of you, the readers for your continued support of our project. It is my honor to continue to bring to you the best we can offer, nothing less. The year ahead looks bright and I for one can’t wait to celebrate the year that was as we look forward to the future.

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