Raw’s Top Five 7/6/2015: The Beast Returns from the East

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After a trip to Tokyo over the weekend, Raw returns to the U.S. looking to makeup for last week’s, after showing with a hearty helping of Lesnar and another title shot for Cena’s United States Championship. While it wasn’t all great, there was enough to continue the build to Battleground in a mildly entertaining way. 

Heyman’s Sermon on the Mount

Do I really need to fawn over how fantastic Paul Heyman is at cutting promos? He is truly one of a kind, and the best promo man they have ever had. I’m glad they haven’t disbanded him and Lesnar, as Lesnar doesn’t need to focus on cutting promos, he just needs to continue to look like a beast. This particular promo is filled with religious imagery and the continued emphasis that Lesnar is going to murder Rollins come Battleground.

Chicago: The Smark City

Chicago has always been known for its rowdy fans, and this evening they continued the rowdiness. While it should come as no surprise that the fans buried Reigns and Sheamus in the ring, the duo didn’t exactly put on a classic to begin with. It doesn’t help that, again, Wyatt interfered in the outcome of the match. While I’m a fan of Sheamus’ new gimmick, Reigns is still bland as a character, and exists just to be fed heels and look strong. While they are clearly building to a Wyatt victory at Battleground, expect Reigns to win Summerslam and Night of Champions strong. 

Lesnar vs. the Cadillac

Honestly, I can’t do this segment justice by explaining it. If you’ve ever wanted to see what those iconic Street Fighter car smash events would look like in real life, then this is your chance. Not only did Lesnar destroy the Authority’s Cadillac, but he also threw the car’s door into the audience, hitting someone. Yeah, it was nuts. 

Ziggler Confronts Rusev

I like Ziggler, and I also really like Rusev, but this was a total waste of time for both men. While yes, Lana was one of the best parts of Rusev’s gimmick, now she has turned on him, and is with Ziggler, while Summer Rae is with Rusev. The two are fighting through their respective woman, and it isn’t great. Frankly its a waste of the talents of the two, and while the match has potential, these segments stink.

Cesaro Answers the Challenge

After their match last week where Owens interfered to cost Cesaro the US Title, Cesaro would get his rematch this week. It was one of the best matches on Raw this year, and both men put it all on the line for the chance at the title. I’m also glad that Owens didn’t interrupt the match, even though he did come out after to eat an AA from Cena. It’s a great match, and one that’s worth watching in its entirety. 

This week’s Raw had more worth watching than last week. Then again, last week wasn’t that great to begin with. Anytime Lesnar is part of the show it seems to be better than not, and while I’m not sure he’s on next week’s show, I wouldn’t be surprised, as its the go-home before Battleground.

Raw Rating: 3 out of 5 Cadillac Car Doors

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