Monday Night Raw 6/8/2015: Kill Owens Kill

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After taking a well-deserved siesta from wrestling last week, this week’s Raw was chock-a-block full of interesting segments, lackluster matches, and a general sense of “oh good, it’s somehow another go-home Raw”. If you’re a fan of the Authority, you’ll love it, if you aren’t, then strap yourself in for another lackluster Raw.

Cena and Owens Open The Show

Owens beat Cena last weekend at Elimination Chamber, and if you haven’t heard our latest Running The Ropes about the potential match of the year, check it out here. He beat Cena clean in the center of the ring, no heel shenanigans, just a good old fashion ass-kicking. Since Cena lost, of course we are going to get a rematch at Money in the Bank this weekend, because why not, Cena needs a win. The two cut a great promo in the ring, with Cena wanting Owens to put his NXT title on the line, which only further annoyed Owens. The two decided to let someone come out and challenge either man for their title, and Neville answered the call, setting his sites on Owen.

The match this weekend between the two is going to be a real barnstormer, and while it might not top their match from Elimination Chamber, it’s going to be one to watch for.

Owens Kills Neville

There is nothing I can say about this match other than Owens and Neville are two fantastic, up and coming athletes, and the if this match is any indication of their futures, then it’s going to be a bright one. Owens wins with a popup powerbomb after evading two Red Arrows. Watch the match, its one of the best so far this year, and definitely a contender for best on Raw. 

The Big Guy Feeds

I love Ryback. He’s one of the most entertaining superstars on the roster right now, and he totally buys into, or is actually the gimmick he has been given. Big Hungry is an ass-kicking machine, and it was nice to see him get the title at Elimination Chamber. What’s even better is watching him beat up the lowly Miz, and make the cocky “film star” look like a total fool. It’s nice to see Ryback get more time on the mic, and his encounter with the Big Show and Miz is only setting up an encounter with the three of them, hopefully at Money in the Bank. 

Heel Kofi Gets Speared

Kofi Kingston was forever the ultimate face, even when those he associated with were turning heel. When he joined the New Day, everyone expected them, and WWE booked them, to be do-gooder faces. However, when the crowd turned, we got our first look at heel Kofi Kingston. When heel Kofi met Roman Reigns on Monday night, everyone knew the outcome before the match started. Reigns beat Kofi with a Superman punch after beating him around the ring. Reigns looks strong going into this weekend’s Money in the Bank match, which he is slated to possibly, most likely, win. 

Hobbits vs Seth Rollins

Seth Rollins insulted J&J Security earlier in the night, which setup a handicap match between the three as the co-main event. In a less than shocking outcome, the two would beat Rollins after some handy interference from Rollins’ opponent this weekend, Dean Ambrose. It was an interesting match that existed to further the bad blood between Ambrose and Rollins, and hopefully this weekend we will get a decisive, clean finish, as opposed to the Dusty Finish from Elimination Chamber.

This week’s Raw wasn’t great, then again, Raw hasn’t been great in a long time. Hopefully, Money in the Bank will redeem WWE this weekend, but I don’t know if that’ll be the case.

Raw Rating: 3 out of 5 Hobbits

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