Raw’s Top Five 6/15/16: Suplex City Bound

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I’ve renamed my weekly Raw Recaps to Raw’s Top Five as really, most week’s Raw isn’t worth watching in its three hour entirety, so here is what I think is worth watching. Raw this week was the first show post-MITB, and it had some high spots, and the predictable really low spots. It also started the build for the WWE Battleground PPV on July 19th which has the all makings of an exciting PPV.

Ambrose Interrupts Rollins

Ambrose would come out to interrupt a cocky Rollins celebrating at the top of the show. Rollins bad mouthed his Authority partners, specifically Kane and J&J Security, along with some of the heroes of Cleveland, specifically Lebron and Johnny Manziel. Ambrose was a welcome sight as he shut up Rollins and brawled with him, causing Rollins to retreat to the back. Rollins would then get into a verbal spat with HHH and Steph in the back, and they told him they would pick his next opponent. It’s nice to see the main Authority taking problems with Rollins and his chickenshit ways, and it’s clearly setting up something big down the road. 

Ambrose Fights Mr. Money in the Bank

Ambrose would fight Sheamus, the winner of the Money in the Bank. It was an interesting match that showed the strong style that both men work, with Sheamus focusing on Ambrose’s knee that had been injured the previous night. It was a good match that put over both men as strong combatants and it was one of the few great matches of the evening. Ambrose would win from distraction by Orton, setting the feud between Sheamus and Orton going into the next weeks. 

Owens Fights Ziggler

Kevin Owens is the best thing WWE has going for it right now, be it on NXT or on the main roster. He is an absolute brute in the ring, pulling off moves that haven’t been seen in the WWE ever, and innovating the way a big man works. He also hasn’t had a bad match the entire time he’s been in the WWE, with all of his matches between four star and five. This was no different as he and Ziggler put on an absolute scorcher of a match. Owens would end up beating Ziggler with his pop-up powerbomb, further setting up his rise to the top as a real monster heel.

Wyatt Taunts Reigns

Bray Wyatt cost Roman Reigns the money in the bank briefcase at the PPV, seemingly for no particular reason. Reigns would come out to goad Wyatt into attacking him, which prompted Wyatt to appear on the Titantron as usual. He would taunt Reigns and tell him that he would save the world from Reigns, and also beat him into a pulp. I’m kind of excited of the prospect of a match between the two as long Wyatt gets one of the three wins. He needs to be re-pushed like the monster heel he is, not as the guy they feed to babyfaces to make them look strong.

Lesnar is No. 1 Contender

HHH and Steph would call out Rollins for not rising to the challenge of being the champion, and said they would challenge him to become the champ they know he is. That challenge would come in the form of the beast, Brock Lesnar. Whenever Lesnar shows up, it’s always a big deal, and now that he has been booked at WWE Battleground, the PPV is bound to be much more interesting than otherwise. Lesnar would stalk Rollins as his prey in the ring, and Rollins would stand frozen, trying to not get demolished by the human t-rex that is Brock Lesnar. I can’t wait for the match between the two, and I’m actually looking forward to Battleground.

Raw this week setup some crucial things for Battleground, but ultimately fell short of being truly memorable and worth watching. I’ve tried every week to find the five best things of Raw and this week I struggled more than other weeks. Hopefully next week will be awesome, but I’m not holding my breath. 

Raw Rating: 2 out of 5 Suplex City Off-Ramps

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