NXT Recap 6/10/2015: Downward Spiral

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If I could get away with turning in the next  few sentences I’m about to put to paper as my review, I certainly would. I do this not only to spare you the agony of seeing just how bad NXT can be, but to spare myself the torment of reliving one of the most godawful and stupid hours of NXT I’ve had the misfortune of sitting through. I type that statement without hyperbole. This NXT was bad…John Mulaney bad.

I do have some sympathy for Paul and the now late Dusty Rhodes, (RIP Dream… As fans we are forever in your debt.) as their job couldn’t have been easy for the last few weeks. Lets take stock of the situation within NXT: Sami Zayn… injured. Hideo Itami… injured. Women’s Champion Sasha Banks… injured. Adam Rose and Zack Rider both find themselves bumped back to Full Sail as creative direction finds former draws struggling for attention on NXT television.

Slogging through an NXT that is of sub-par quality is nothing new. However, Wednesday’s broadcast wasn’t just below sub-par. NXT, June sixth, two thousand fifteen wasn’t just the bottom of the barrel… this was the bottom of the bottom of the barrel.

Rawley & Ryder vs Dawson & Rallis

Zack Rider finds himself moved from the main roster, to developmental, a fate shared with Adam Rose and the now departed Justin Gabriel. With Rider’s over the top, Jersey Shore douche bag, dickhead gimmick a little past it’s prime, its only fitting that he be paired with a man paired with a man with an equally annoying gimmick.

Last we saw Rawley, he had been injured by way of a recently debuted Bull Dempsey. Obviously, Dempsey has gone on to far bigger things, and Rawley has a lot of catching up to do. While Rawley currently isn’t seeking revenge for his injury, he enters the arena to a luke warm reception. No “Welcome Back,” chants for this guy.

Rider’s prowess in the ring was far over shadowed by Rawley’s antics and dancing. Most of Rawley’s time involved awful dancing and odd hip gyrations. A particularly painful moment came by way of Rawley’s attempt at an MC Hammer style theatrics, before hitting a sitting hammer drop. Most of the action in ring came by way of Rider, who made sure to hit all of his signatures.

Rider and Rawley would gain the victory, leading to a Wrestlemania style celebration in the crowd. While it was a relief to see less ass based offense from Rawley, his return to the ring while sporting the same gimmick turned to eleven is not something I’m looking forward to seeing in the future. Together, this pair may give Enzo and Cass a run for their money in the race to see who the most irritating wrestlers in NXT are.

Emma Vs Blue Pants

Had you not been watching the television and heard the reception that Blue Pants received, you would have thought that Stone Cold had just entered the ring. Seeing Blue Pants is always a thrill, and normally it can lift a bad NXT to passable status. However, her gimmick, like Rawley’s before her, is wearing thin.

I’ve totally bought in to Blue Pants, and do enjoy seeing her show up to compete in the ring. However, this wasn’t so much a wrestling match as it was a live training session for Emma. During the five minute or so match, Blue Pants would spend four of those minutes getting absolutely dominated by Emma. Blue Pants does get a chance to nail a pair of kicks, but is quickly brought back to the mat, tapping to the Dilemma.

If Blue Pants is going to continue to appear in NXT, she needs to be given a chance to perform at a competitive level. Watching her come out to such massive accolades, only to lose every match, is both frustrating and painful. What’s even worse, is the her in ring work has not seemed to improve since Carmella’s debut some time ago.

Emma meanwhile, is dead to rights. I mean no personal disrespect, however she has floundered now for sometime, and sending her out to dominate a crowd favorite is not going to do anything to get her over as a heel. Those loud boos that erupt when Emma’s music hits? I hate to inform the WWE brass that that isn’t heat she’s getting.

Tyler Breeze Vs Bull Dempsey

Bull Dempsey returns to NXT programming with a big chip on his shoulder. His opportunities to excel in the ring seem further and further apart, and his push now seems non existent. The once self proclaimed, “Last of a dying breed.” now finds himself on the back end of a run in NXT. The only thing that’s dying are his chances for a coveted spot in the main roster.

Dempsey would find himself in the drivers seat for most of the match, even dominating Tyler breeze for the first couple of minutes. Breeze eventually rolls out of the ring, and the rest of the match begins to fall apart. Breeze then begins to run around the ring while Dempsey attempts to to give chase. Dempsey, despite being a professional athlete, is so fat and out of shape he is unable to even attempt to catch the fleeing Breeze.

As Dempsey lumbers around the outside of the ring, he begins to gasp for air while grabbing his stomach. Breeze eventually laps Dempsey and tosses him back into the ring. Dempsey, too fat and out of shape to mount any sort of a comeback, falls almost immediately to the Beauty Shot.

Post match, we are treated to a backstage segment featuring Commissioner William Regal and Dempsey. Dempsey enters stage left, loudly crunching a bag of Doritos as he rattles off reasons as to why he’s not well conditioned and underperformed in the match. Regal tells him he has a problem, and snatches the chips away and exits. Dempsey, undeterred reaches into his singlet and retrieves a chocolate bar and chows down.

Perhaps I’m simply being a killjoy, and can’t accept a fluffy, comic spot. Maybe, as a person who is trying to lose weight, this is hitting a bit close to home. Maybe, and this is the most likely scenario, this is a shitty, stupid angle to saddle with a wrestler that deserves much better. You can now add Bull Dempsey to the list of wrestlers that NXT/WWE has mismanaged into obscurity.

Becky Lynch vs Jessie McKay

On the heels of the future match of the year, Becky Lynch could have entered the ring, sat down, and took a nap, and the crowd would have cheered like she just won the World Heavyweight Title. Thankfully, she returns to in ring action, shrugging off any rumors of an injury that had occurred during her title match at Takeover:Unstoppable.

The pair work a decent match, although one with little in the way of stellar action. What they lack in spots, they do make up for in offering us a submission heavy technical match. Although Lynch would find herself on defense most of the match, only scoring the pinfall after a Crucible Slam and her signature Fujiwara Armbar.

Baron Corbin Vs Angelo Dawkins

Corbin seems to have accidentally been booked as a heel after Takeover: Unstoppable, or perhaps the crowd has been reading our fine website and seen what we’ve been preaching this whole time: Baron Corbin is a joke.

Corbin enters to a huge pop per usual, however something interesting happens midway through the match. As Corbin was dominating Dawkins early in the match, the crowd slowly began to turn. Gone were the voracious cheers and shrieks that we heard entering the ring, suddenly replaced by a loud and unified “Corbin Sucks,” chant. As we witness his forced decent to heel territory, Corbin seems taken aback, not used to the heat. Thankfully the match ends in short order, Dawkins falling by way of the End of Days.

Whether or not the crowd is finally smart to Corbin’s shortcomings as a performer, or they were simply mad that he didn’t wrestle a squash match will only be shown with time. Either way, the jig is up. I doubt that Dawkins is over as a face so much that the act of the beloved Baron Corbin squashing him is drawing heat. Corbin’s decent is a testament to the theme of tonight’s broadcast. Times are changing at NXT, and Baron Corbin, Emma, Bull Dempsey, and Blue Pants appear to be solidly in the rear view mirror.

Samoa Joe vs Scott Dawson

I forgot that this happened tonight. Samoa Joe made his much anticipated in ring debut in tonight’s main event against this guy. Honestly, if this passes as a main event for NXT when you’re debuting your biggest debut since Rhyno, then there are some serious problems with talent in Orlando. Perhaps putting Joe against Bull Dempsey would have made for a more exciting main event, although then he would have been unable to be assigned his “big fat slob” storyline.

The crowd was silent during this poorly booked match, although there is a pop when Joe hits the Muscle Buster finisher. Despite being on offense for more than two thirds of the five minute match, Joe appeared sloppy and sluggish. In fact, the storyline previously dumped on Bull Dempsey seemed more applicable to Samoa Joe.

Meanwhile, Kevin Owens would again join the commentary desk, taking the opportunity to take verbal pot shots at Joe, and generally making the rest of the commentary team uncomfortable. Post match, as Kevin Owens attempts to leave, Joe takes a mic and chastises Owens for turning tail. Owens and Joe share a back and forth before being interrupted by Commissioner Regal, who takes the opportunity to set a match between the two for next week.

Its pretty obvious at this point that Kevin Owen’s time in NXT is all but over, and that Joe is being fast tracked to the top of the mountain. Samoa Joe performed very poorly in this debut match, and the preceding hour of programming didn’t do him any favors either. If his work in Ring of Honor were any indicator, we are in for much better performances from the Samoan. However, if this match was my first experience with Samoa Joe, I would leave very underwhelmed.

If an aquaintance were to come to me and say, “Hey Marc, please introduce me to this wrassling’ thing I’ve been hearing so much about.” I would show him an episode of Total Divas before this episode of NXT. I would sit him down and watch the Hulk Hogan’s Rock and Wrestling long before this episode of NXT. What we have at Full Sail is something special. To see it brought to this level of mediocrity time and time again is worrisome. NXT is getting ever so close to following in the footsteps of big brothers, Raw and Smackdown, merely a vehicle to tide us over until the next pay per view.


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