Monday Night Raw 5/18/15: Kill Owens Kill

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Man, if Raw could be like this every week, I’d be totally fine with a three hour weekly product. This week had everything: big changes, awesome NXT cameos, and another major championship match has been announced for Elimination Chamber. 

Owens Takes It To Cena

Kevin Owens is to NXT as Brock Lesnar is to the main roster. He is an absolute beast that takes pleasure in others pain, and is also a legit badass. He has a hard hitting move-style that punishes his opponents with strong style kicks, powerbombs, and clotheslines. The fact that he came out, as the NXT champion, and destroyed John Cena shows that WWE seems to think that he has a lot of upward potential. They setup a match at Elimination Chamber for the IC Belt, which should not only be the most amazing thing on the PPV, but might be one of the matches of the year. 

Rusev and Lana Split

It was a long time coming, but it looks as if Lana and Rusev have finally split. After “costing” him the match last night against John Cena, Rusev effectively fired Lana as his valet. He blamed her for surrendering to Cena, and wanted nothing to do with her. This has been a long time coming for the two, and it should free up the both of them to have more interesting feuds, especially Lana who can now find a new wrestler to valet for.

Lana Searches Out Ziggler

Later in the evening, after being dismissed by Rusev, Lana sought out the sexy man himself, Dolph Ziggler. The match between Stardust and Ziggler was nothing super special, but what happened afterwards will have major ramifications moving forward. Lana came down and kissed Ziggler on the lips, which resulted in Rusev coming out and attempting to attack Ziggler. Lana stuck up for him and slapped Rusev, which then led to Ziggler hitting a Zig Zag on him and running to the back. It should be an interesting feud between the two, and hopefully they can put on a feud worthy of the talent of the two. 


Ambrose vs Wyatt

Again, this match itself was pretty bland, but the most interesting part of the match was what caused the actual outcome. J&J Security came out and allowed Wyatt to hit the Sister Abigail on Ambrose, which allowed Wyatt to walk away victorious. Yes, I have bemoaned the insistent appearance of the two stooges in the past, especially during Rollins matches, but here they were used perfectly to help further the Ambrose/Rollins feud. It allowed their feud to continue without actually involving Rollins himself. 

Architect of a Dream

The end of Raw existed solely to call back to Rollins’ time using cinder blocks to “end” his opponent’s careers, except this time he was on the receiving end. Ambrose interrupted the Rollins lovefest to ask for a title shot, and then put Rollins in a precarious position to insure that happened. While Ambrose didn’t put Rollins through the cinder blocks, he did end up eating a Pedigree, Rollins’ new finisher of choice, after securing his title match. I’m excited to see a match between just the two of them at Elimination Chamber, barring the Authority adding more wrestlers because they feel the two can’t carry a match. 

This week’s Raw was more interesting than it has been in a long time, due to the Owens cameo and the WWE actually caring about progressing story-lines. I’m excited for Elimination Chamber, and have high hopes for the matches that are on the card. 

Raw Rating: 4 out of 5 Cinder Blocks

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