WWE Smackdown Recap 5/14/2015: Smacked Down

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To be honest, I’m kind of confused. The WWE post-Extreme Rules has been an odd place. Well, the WWE has always been in an odd place, but we’ve been subjugated to complete dreck from RAW and Smackdown that I wasn’t prepared to witness something that I could at least call mildly enjoyable. I’m still pondering what’s best for business though.

Sheamus vs Dean Ambrose

I won’t lie, I got really excited here. Sheamus and Ambrose are two of my favorite wrestlers. That’s an easy admission to make now that Daniel Bryan is on leave, but this match made that statement even better to make. Their styles gel really well and that translated into a well fun and well executed match.

Seth Rollins vs Ryback

I was concerned with Ryback’s promo earlier in the night, mostly because he made the statement that “He’s not a dummy” but it looked as though he was reading his whole promo off of a teleprompter. If that’s the case, that warrants a huge C’mon Man! The match itself was rather entertaining. A blinding hit from Bray Wyatt before Ryback gets in the ring, and then Ryback fights through it essentially handicapped. Even with the loss, this is a good push for Ryback. He may or may not be a “dummy”, but his heart is in the right place and he’s positioned to make a decent push, following his match with Bray Wyatt this Sunday.

Tyson Kidd vs Kofi Kingston

Even with how short this match was, and the distractions prevalent throughout. This match showcased the talent of  both Kidd and Kingston. Both move extraordinarily well and are chock full of talent. With Kidd taking the win here via submission, look to the Kidd & Cesaro ending the short title reign of The New Day this Sunday on Payback.

Bo Dallas vs Neville

Why? Aren’t there better opponents for Neville to be facing? Yes, the WWE wants to create some hype around Neville and King Barrett, but there has to be a better opponent for Neville to face and have Barrett guest commentate on. This is a pure squash match for Neville and it will be the first time I will say that you don’t have to watch this. Neville has been wrecking shop on the main roster and this is what’s best for business. Young and exciting talent shaking things up. Sounds like something the Divas division could use.

Kane vs Roman Reigns

I’ve talked at length since Wrestlemainia that the WWE is doing nothing but pitting Reigns against absolutely deplorable heels, essentially tricking us into rooting for him for a split second. It’s a dirty rotten trick, and for some reason they break the formula tonight. This was more story line stuff as we move to Payback this Sunday. This match was actually fairly fun to watch mostly due to the fact that Reigns and Kane are simply spectacular when it comes to non-DQ matches. Reigns vs Big Show? Boring as hell. Kane vs Reigns? Please, sir? Can I have some more. I can’t remember the last time I saw Kane use the Tombstone Piledriver, let alone call for it. Seeing him make the call harkens back to the golden age of Kane. The Kane every knows. Red and black leather, mask, long hair. Demonic Kane. That’s the Kane the WWE needs. I prepared to deal with the idea of Roman Reigns being the WWE Champion if it means Kane gets let go from Chief of Operations and he makes the move back to the Kane of old. Absolutely worth it. 

For once, the WWE gave us a watchable and enjoyable show on Smackdown. Not a must watch, but if you need some good wrestling in your life, this is a good recent showing.

Final Rating: 3 out of 5 Red Herring Piledrivers

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