Monday Night Raw Recap 4/6/2015: The Viper is Back

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Monday Night Raw this week emanated from Austin, Texas and it featured some, gasp, real quality wrestling. The last couple weeks on Raw were so promo heavy due to them leading up to Wrestlemania 31 that you wouldn’t think it was a show about wrestling. However, this week fixed that problem with a overwhelming amount of wrestling and less promos than normal. 

Rollins vs. Neville

With Adrian Neville debuting last week, one would expect for him to continue to face lowly opponents such as Curtis Axel so as to continue his winning streak. However, this week Nevile got an amazing chance to show off his talents on the main roster against the champ himself, Seth Rollins. The match was fantastic with both competitors getting a chance to show off their high flying style, especially Neville who is still new to the main roster. 

They clearly have big plans for Neville if they are giving him a shot at the champ during his second week on Raw. It’s nice to see a talent from NXT getting elevated on the main roster as opposed to being buried like Adam Rose or the Ascension. Hopefully Neville is on the track to picking up championship gold in the near future. 

Cena vs. Stardust

John Cena came out this week again to offer an open challenge to anyone on the roster for his US Championship. Last week was Dean Ambrose, this week was Stardust. I’m actually enjoying Stardust’s gimmick the more I see it, as Cody Rhodes has clearly bought into it in a similar way his brother bought into Goldust. I wasn’t expecting him to win the title, but he did put on a good showing with Cena. It’s nice to see Cena is allowing the younger talent on the roster to showcase their skills every week, and whoever takes the title off of him is going to look strong doing so. I am fully expecting a 1-2-3 Kid situation, where a challenger gets the upset pin over Cena unexpectedly, setting up a feud between the two. 

Wyatt is Back

With Bray Wyatt losing to Undertaker at Wrestlemania 31, he was off TV for a week. However, with his return this week, he absolutely no-sold his loss to Undertaker, not even addressing it in his promo. Rather, he resorted to his previous nonsensical promos talking about being the new face of fear, and calling out another unnamed opponent. While I enjoy Wyatt and his promo style, I feel like the WWE doesn’t know what to do with Wyatt now, and they are just stalling until they determine a course of action for him. My best guess for his next opponent would be Sting as they wouldn’t have Wyatt just calling out anyone on Raw. 

Sheamus vs. Mark Henry

Unlike the audience, who keep chanting that he looks stupid, I actually enjoy Sheamus’ new gimmick since his old Cena-lite persona was getting old. Sheamus came out to call out all of the superstars in the back for not being real men until Mark Henry walked out to interrupt him. The two have had feuds in the past, and whenever they were in the ring together, they would put on decent matches. This was no different, as their match was typical big-man style, along with displaying Sheamus’ new found aggression. I do look forward to seeing more of Sheamus and his over-the-top red mohawk though.

Triple Threat Match 

The main event of Raw featured Orton, Ryback, and Reigns facing off for the chance to face Rollins at Extreme Rules. As expected with a triple threat match, it was no disqualification so everyone and their mother interfered in the match, setting up rivalries with the losers of the match. Big Show came and beat up Reigns while Ryback took the pin by Orton to setup the Rollins versus Orton as Extreme Rules. While I’m glad Reigns didn’t win the match, I kind of wish Ryback had won, as we haven’t seen that match yet. However, Orton and Rollins are going to put on a great match at Extreme Rules if their Wrestlemania 31 match is any indicator. 

Raw this week was heavy on the wrestling, which is better than the promo-fest that the last two months had been. While it’s not surprising that Orton is facing Rollins at Extreme Rules, it’s a better option than having Reigns in the title picture again. 

Raw Rating: 2 out of 5 Ginger Mohawks

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