Monday Night Raw Recap 4/20/2015: Go Home Already

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Monday Night Raw this week emanated from Albany, New York. I don’t know what WWE is doing, but whatever it is, they need to fix it. We aren’t as informed as they think we are, and that sentiment is getting old. Who knows what they’re thinking, maybe they aren’t. 

Orton Laments The RKO

Orton opened the show coming out to lament the banning of his RKO going into Extreme Rules. He called Rollins a bastard and said that he is going to destroy Rollins come Sunday. Of course Rollins comes out to dispute Orton’s claims that he is going to win, along with gloating over the ban of the RKO. Randy then promised to RKO the shit out of everyone in the back, along with Rollins at the end of the show. It was a typical promo to open the show, and set the tone for the rest of the evening. 

Harper and Ambrose Brawl

Harper and Ambrose have some problems, and guess what, they aren’t going to get solved before Extreme Rules. The match was mediocre, with it ending in a double count-out because when there are matches at the go-home Raw, nothing ever ends cleanly. I don’t have high hopes for their match at Extreme Rules, but that means they could surprise me. 

Triple H “Reveals” Tough Enough

The WWE has been doing this weird thing recently where they mention they are going to have a big announcement on Raw only to spoil it ahead of time. They did it with the Macho Man induction, and they did it here with the Tough Enough news. Earlier in the day they spoiled that Tough Enough is open for anyone to apply, making it feel more like American Idol or America’s Got Talent. While the news got interrupted by Kane, it’s not a surprising announcement since, you know, they ruined it. I get why they do it, but that doesn’t mean I don’t like it any less. 

Sheamus Kicks Ass

Sheamus is one of best things WWE has going for it right now, because he is believable as a badass heel. He kicks the shit out of anyone and everyone that has gotten in his way, from Daniel Bryan to Neville and now Zack Ryder. While Zack Ryder has unfortunately been fed to literally everyone at this point, Sheamus beat him within an inch of his life in an extremely convincing fashion. Ziggler would come out at the end to interrupt Sheamus’s third Brogue kick, setting up their match this weekend. I can’t wait for that match. 

The Curb Stomp is No More

It was rumored going into Raw this evening that the WWE had officially banned the Curb Stomp since they were afraid of possible head trauma. Nobody believed it, but fuck, it looks to be the case. It was genuinely one of the coolest finishers in the WWE and now it’s been replaced by a lackluster DDT variation. It’s boring and too similar Dean Ambrose’s Dirty Deeds. Hopefully the WWE can change their minds on the Curb Stomp, but until then, Seth Rollins has been effectively neutered. 

Raw this week saw one of the brightest stars diminished a little due to his finisher being taken away, and not much else really. Hopefully, someday Monday Night Raw will regain its former glory, but that doesn’t look to be anytime soon. 

Raw Rating: 1 out of 5 Cur-*Finisher Redacted*

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