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Kevin Nash aka Diesel is an extremely polarizing figure, especially when it comes to the part that he played in the Monday Night War. Nash, once a WWE employee, left for WCW after being given a better deal by Eric Bischoff. Once in the WCW, Nash, along with friend Scott Hall, formed the Outsiders and took over the company by force. They attacked WCW superstars and management, making their presence known, all the while hinting at a third member. This obviously led to the formation of the NWO and their long reign at the top of the card in the WCW.

Nash’s backstage shenanigans have become something of a lightning rod for fans primarily due to his perceived actions in the downfall of WCW. Many see him as a wrestler who was given too much power and had only his best intentions in mind. Others understand that WCW was most likely doomed regardless, due to the problematic nature of a company not fully committing to wrestling, using it as another brand to make money. His influence on wrestling as a whole however is undeniable, especially when it comes to the way that big men were treated.  

In Your House 7: Diesel vs. Shawn Michaels

Nash at one point was Shawn Michaels’ bodyguard. However, knowing how partnerships often end in the WWE, one can imagine what happened between the two. Once they had split, Diesel feuded with Michaels over the title. The match between the two at In Your House is quite intense due to the hatred between them. The strangest part of the match however, is that Mad Dog Vachon, a Hall of Famer, is in the audience and at one point Diesel pulls of his prosthetic leg to try and attack Michaels with it. It’s one of the most bizarre forms of crowd involvement in any WWE match. 

Bash at the Beach 1996: The nWo Forms

There is a likely hood of this PPV showing up multiple times in our Wrestling 101 series, mainly due to the ramifications it had on not only the business as a whole but also on the careers of the three men. Prior to the formation of the nWo, Hall and Nash were the Outsiders, a psuedo-WWE entity that was meant to act like they had invaded the WCW. They had teased the fact that they had a third member since they showed up, and at Bash at the Beach, he was revealed. For those of you who aren’t familiar with the reveal, I won’t ruin it for you, but it was quite the shocker. 

Monday Night Nitro 1/4/99: The Fingerpoke of Doom

This might be one of the most, if not the most, controversial event that Kevin Nash was ever involved in. The nWo had split up and Hogan had “retired” from the business, only to return a few months later to confront his old comrade Nash. The resulting match between the two is still talked about today, since it seemed to signal the true end of WCW. Nash and Hogan squared off in the ring for a little bit, until Hogan poked Nash in the chest. Nash acted like he had been hit by a Mac truck, laying down for Hogan to pin him, picking up the title. It’s a controversial moment in wrestling that is also quite hilarious. 

Summerslam 2011: Nash Lays Out Punk

At Summerslam in 2011, after winning his match against John Cena for the WWE Championship, CM Punk was celebrating in the middle of the ring. During his celebration however, Kevin Nash came out of the ring barrier and laid out Punk in the middle of the ring with a clothesline. This would setup bad blood between the two of them along with a match at Night of Champions which Nash would not be cleared for, resulting in Triple H having to take his place. 

Bad Blood 2003: Nash vs. Triple H

Nash and Triple H are good friends in real life, forming the Kliq during the 90s with Shawn Michaels, Scott Hall, and Sean Waltman. This backstage friendship allowed for their on-screen rivalry to be more intense and believable. The match itself is fantastic however, with both men taking some hard bumps and using the cell to its potential. Anytime Nash and Triple H squared off, it was bound to be a great match. 

Kevin Nash is a interesting figure in the world of pro wrestling. He was part of one of the most influential stables of all time, along with being a successful singles wrestler. Love him or hate him, his mark on the business is undeniable. 

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