Monday Night Raw Recap 3/23/2015: Go Home Raw, You’re Drunk

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This week’s Raw is the final one before Wrestlemania, and it doesn’t do anything to help sell the Show of Shows this weekend. Aside from finally giving Sting some mic time, nothing new or exciting happened. It was a real disappointment compared to last year’s go home Raw which perfectly setup Wrestlemania 30. If Raw this week was any indication of the quality of Wrestlemania 31, then we are in for a real stinker of a Mania

Sting Finally Gets The Mic

Well, there was a reason that Sting hadn’t gotten mic time up until this point. All the face paint in the world can’t cover up the fact that he just doesn’t have the intimidating feel that he used to in the 90s. While the build to Sting versus Triple H hasn’t been as terrible as the builds to some of the other matches, this promo doesn’t really do much of anything to help build the match. It was nice to see Stephanice McMahon get some face-time with Sting as she does a great job of being a heel. However, Sting just isn’t as menacing when he opens his mouth, similar to Brock Lesnar. 

Axelmania Gets Buried

Besides going into an in-depth analysis about what in god’s name Snoop Dogg is wearing, Axelmania is dead. Axelmania is not only dead, it is dead and buried with a nice big tombstone marking the exact minute and second of its death. I thought Axelmania was a great way for Curtis Axel to make himself relevant and also get himself over with the fans. Apparently however, whenever you get yourself over organically, that gives the WWE license to destroy your push by any means necessary. Axelmania is dead; Curtis Axel should go talk to Zach Ryder about being squashed for being over organically. 

Bray Wyatt is the new Face of Fear

Bray Wyatt needs to win Sunday to not only continue his strong position on the roster, but also to show that he has become, as he calls it, “the new face of fear”. While we haven’t seen the Undertaker at all during the build to their match at Wrestlemania, that allowed for Wyatt to take center stage during all of the promos. His rambling style has become more focused and sinister in the last couple months, which has helped for his build to the match with Taker. I can only hope that his match with Taker steals the show on Sunday as it is the match I am most looking forward to.

Randy Orton Destroys J&J Security

The WWE Universe voted to have Orton square off against Rollins and J&J Security in a handicap match, and it didn’t disappoint. While Orton never got his hands on Rollins, he did punish both members of J&J Security with ample amounts of malicious intent. This Sunday’s match between Rollins and Orton should be one of the better matches of the show as long as there aren’t too many shenanigans with J&J Security.


Reigns Acts Like A Child

Well, if you didn’t like Roman Reigns much going into this week’s Raw, the final segment of the show did little to help change anyone’s mind. Why you’d have your up and coming babyface act like a child at the playground by taking the title out of Lesnar’s hands is beyond me, but then again I don’t write Raw. The boos, while edited out of the clip released by WWE on YouTube, rained down on Roman as he entered the ring and took the belt. Yes, Brock Lesnar re-signed yesterday with the WWE, but I don’t think that changes the outcome of the match Sunday. It’ll be booed out of the building until hopefully Rollins cashes in. 

This week’s go home Raw concludes the worst buildup to a Wrestlemania in recent history, and hopefully it doesn’t result in a terrible Wrestlemania. The best thing that has come out of the WWE this week was re-signing Brock Lesnar, as we might finally get Bryan versus Lesnar, or any other dream matches. This weekend’s Wrestlemania will just be seen as a road bump to those matches unfortunately.

Raw Rating1 out of 5 Championship Belt Tug-o-Wars

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