Monday Night Raw Recap 3/9/2015: The Viper Strikes

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This week’s Raw emanated from Pittsburgh and it was alright, just alright. That seems to be my constant reaction to Raw every week now, and that’s pretty disappointing since we are only three weeks from Wrestlemania. What the WWE is thinking with devaluing their product and sucking the air out of a build to the biggest event of the year is beyond me, but this week didn’t help at all.

Paul Heyman Tears It Up; Lesnar Stands Around

As much as I love Paul Heyman and his incendiary promos, the WWE is wasting Brock Lesnar, and more importantly, his time and theirs. Instead of having a confrontation between him and Reigns, Lesnar just stood in the ring and looked his usual menacing self. The WWE clearly doesn’t care about the build to the match between the two, focusing more on the bad blood between Reigns and Rollins than on the actual main event. 

The promo itself was awesome with Heyman calling out Reigns and calling him one generation removed from cannibals. Heyman knows how to walk the line between offensive and genius and this promo is no different. I find it amusing that Heyman spoke about Lesnar unifying the UFC and WWE title together, furthering the rumors of Lesnar heading back to UFC. 

The Undertaker Accepts

Well it’s happening. The Undertaker and Bray Wyatt are facing off at Wrestlemania. This match is my most anticipated match of the event at this point as I know that the two will able to put on a fantastic, show-stealing match. This promo was pretty awesome, featuring the iconic items of each wrestler being used to further their feud. 

While I know that Taker’s match last year at Mania was not the greatest, I attribute this to the fact he was concussed minutes into the match, I’m confident Wyatt’s style will pair better with him. I’m expecting great things from the match, unlike pretty much anything else on the card. 

Cena Taps Out Rusev After Interrupting Match

Oh jeez, way to make your monster heel look like a total chump. The WWE loves John Cena, and love making him look strong, too bad it’s coming at the expense of Rusev. Rusev is honestly a great heel with a great look and a dastardly manager, but he should never have tapped out. He not only looks weak but it also more or less lets us know that their match at Mania will end in Cena using the AA to pin Rusev. Also, Cena’s “newfound aggression” should actually be “aggression he had to discard because of TV-PG”. Don’t play like he has never been aggressive; the Universe doesn’t have short-term memory loss even if you’d like us to.

Not only did Cena come out and tap out Rusev, Rusev squashed Curtis Axel. As I mentioned last week, I’m a huge fan of Axelmania and the idea that Axel is adamant he was never eliminated from the Royal Rumble. Axel is beginning to find his character finally and I’ll be interested to see where his character goes after Mania. 

Orton Finally Turns

The handicap match between Rollins/Orton and Reigns wasn’t much to talk about as it existed solely to setup the match between Reigns and Orton at Mania. Orton pulled his hand back from Rollins when he attempted to tag out, causing Reigns to hit Rollins with a spear and win the match. Orton proceeded to beat Rollins senseless, including hitting a spike DDT off the barriers and an RKO off the announcer’s table. 

I don’t understand the WWE not focusing more on Reigns and Lesnar or at least allowing the two to have face to face time before Mania. It almost feels like they are ignoring the feud and allowing to be cursory to the Rollins/Reigns bad blood. It isn’t being treated like the main event and that’s a real problem.

This week’s Raw was more misstep than step forward, especially with 3 of the 4 feuds going into Mania. One can only hope that the next two Raws aren’t the same way otherwise WWE will be be in big trouble come Wrestlemania

Raw Rating: 2 out of 5 Vintage Orton Spike DDTs

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