WWE Smackdown 2/26/2015 Recap: What’s Up!

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So I thought I was going to be fairly upset with tonight’s Smackdown, however, I was pleasantly surprised throughout. I’m not saying Smackdown was great, but there was some quality wrestling and some rather comedic antics that made it worth watching.

On the onset, I was pretty pissed off due to the fact that we were going to see a Six Man Tag Team rematch from the Fastlane Pay Per View. I’m really loving all the fine material that WWE’s Creative department is coming up. I mean, this is cutting edge stuff. A Grade, fresh material. The pinnacle of sports entertainment… So let’s dive in.

We start with Daniel Bryan and he talks at length about how the Yes! Movement isn’t dead despite his short comings. I was actually really pleased with this start because Bryan admits his failure but commits to improvement in his already excellent technique, not to mention the total standing ovation he was getting from the WWE Universe, and it seems that he wants to make a push for the WWE Intercontinental Championship. It’s not the WWE World Heavyweight Championship, but it’s a step in the right direction for Bryan.

This brings out Bad News Barret who calls Bryan a loser and claims that Bryan doesn’t deserve to even attend Wrestlemania. Queue Dean Ambrose who brawls with BNB. Barrett is then overcome by Ambrose and Bryan and now we’re set for our first match of the night.

Dean Ambrose v The Miz

This was a good and short match that favored Ambrose throughout. We perpetually see glimmers of the kind of wrestler that Miz used to be, but he simply can’t sustain momentum. Ambrose wins handedly, however Bad News Barrett sneaks and steals the Intercontinental Belt back from Ambrose, but it cost him.

Naomi v Natalya

There was really nothing to see here, unless you still need confirmation that the WWE Divas division is a joke. We’ve seen a lot of talent from the NXT Divas and I hope that the top Divas’ talent stays in the NXT until the WWE sorts out its Creative department, cause right now it’s horrendously lame.

We The People

I don’t know about you, but I’m tired of Rusev. His promos are terrible and he’s a cheating son of a bitch. I totally understand that the WWE needs heels like Rusev to function because that is what creates the truly great stories, but Rusev has been around for too long. Michael Cole asked a good question, “Who’s going to beat Rusev?” Honestly, I don’t know. Jack Swagger came out and brawled with Rusev for a bit and at the beginning Rusev seemed a tad worried at his appearance, but it ended in the Accolade for Swagger. I’ll admit though the “We The People” Chant was good to hear, even for short time.

Daniel Bryan v Bad News Barrett

Now this was a great match. We got to see strength from both Bryan and Barret, but the match ultimately went to Bryan. So now Barret has his third straight non-title match loss to date and it seems that Dean Ambrose, R-Truth, and Daniel Bryan are circling like vultures waiting for an opportunity. It also doesn’t help that Barrett can’t keep his hands on the actual belt.

Roman Reigns Interview

I actually was rather peeved with this. Firstly, the bits with Byron Saxton are getting over done. He’s the only commentator that tries to make “real journalism” out of his job and the gimmick is getting pretty unfunny pretty damn fast. Reigns gave Bryan credit where it was due, but his attitude towards battling Brock Lesnar is probably little over confident for my taste.

Fandango v Curtis Axel

#Axelmania? So this thing about Axel being blind sided before he could get into the ring for the Royal Rumble is getting pretty over played. It would be one thing if someone of Roman Reigns’ caliber got cheated out of a shot to win, but it wasn’t. As much as I’m unimpressed with Fandango, he got a good win here over a fairly lame and egotistical Curtis Axel.

Goldust v Adam Rose

So this filler match didn’t make sense to me until after Goldust had handedly put down Adam Rose. Turns out Stardust was hiding out has a Rosebud, and we once again had an assault on Goldust. It was a short and brutal assault, but it’s playing up the brotherly fued between the two of them that will hopefully come to a head in vastly superior match then what we saw at Fastlane.

The Freak Show that is Bray Wyatt

Ok, Bray Wyatt. You are one scary dude. Anyone who talks to The Undertaker that way, is not someone I want to run into in a dark alley.

Feed Me More

So they advertised something early on in Smackdown that I thought I knew I was going to absolutely HATE. A rematch from Fastlane? Really WWE? You’re going to make us watch The Authority whoop on Dolph Ziggler, Erick Rowan, and Ryback again?

Whoops. I was wrong. I loved this match. This rematch is not what I or anyone watching was probably expecting. We saw excellent showings from Ziggler, Rowan, and especially Ryback. This match is so good and so rewarding to watch I’m not going to write anymore about it. I want you to see it. So either stop now and go find a recording of tonight’s Smackdown or enjoy the highlight reel courtesy of the WWE on Youtube.

WWE Smackdown Rating: 4 out of 5 

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