WWE Smackdown 2/12/2015 Recap: It’s Not All About You!

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This week’s Smackdown had some interesting implications; the main event did at least. The minor matches didn’t do much. Bray Wyatt vs R-Truth, Summer Rae vs Paige, and Adam Rose vs Fandango are not exactly a showcase of the midcard It’s all just lame continuation of “drama” we’ve seen in the last few weeks. Wyatt is creepy as hell, Paige has something to prove, and Rose has beef with his Rosebuds. The real fun was the Tag Team Turmoil that what orchestrated by The Authority. Here we have future Fastlane combatants Daniel Bryan and Roman Reigns teamed up to face an onslaught of some formidable tag teams and future tag team champion hopefuls.

Miz & Mizdow vs. Bryan and Reigns

There were some interesting things here. Firstly the slow burn of the Miz and Mizdow’s working relationship. Mizdow has already been demoted once, so it’s only a matter of time before the pot boils over. We’ve seen glimmers of excellence from both of them so a match between them has the potential to be quite exciting.

We also have see a potential rivalry between Reigns and Miz. This in itself is interesting due to how dominant Reigns has been, but as I mentioned earlier, we’ve seen glimpses of the Miz that what once headlined Wrestlemania. However, Bryan and Reigns ended up dispatching this tag team rather quickly and efficiently.

The Uso’s vs. Bryan and Reigns

This was the longest match of the night and clearly showcased The Uso’s talent and cohesion. It’s obvious why they’re the tag team champs and they were a formidable opponents of Bryan & Reigns. However, the important aspects of this match were the Bryan and Reigns dynamics. Bryan dished out a lot of pain on The Uso’s. He may have the baby-face/hero qualities that drive his fan base, but he displayed a level of savageness that pays homage to the Attitude Era. On the flip side, Reigns displayed something akin to a conscience? The Uso’s are Reigns’ real-life cousins and the pain Bryan was serving them seemed to visibly bother Reigns. He even went so far as to stop Bryan’s brutal assault on The Uso’s that took place outside the ring.

Los Matadores & Slater Gator

There’s a reason I put these two teams together. Can you guess why? It’s because these were bonafide  squash matches. They served no purpose other than for Bryan and Reigns to dispatch each one individually in turn. Bryan with a Yes! Lock on Los Matadores and a Superman punch, a Spear, and a cover for Reigns. Basically they showcased their power and prowess in the ring, which is fine.

The Slater Gator match was brutal. We didn’t see much from Bryan and Reigns due to the fact that they were subjected to 2 on 1 assaults from The Ascension. The match ended in disqualification of The Ascension and based on their “No Fucks Given” attitude that was their purpose. Go out and rough up Bryan and Reigns as much as they can. Winning wasn’t the goal here.

Big Show & Kane

If you didn’t see this coming, then you probably think the WWE employs Pulitzer winning writers. Frankly, I’m tired of seeing Kane in the ring with Bryan. It’s derivative and boring. However, this match was slighty interesting due to the possible futures it creates. The only way Bryan and Reigns can win here is if they team up. Put aside their differences whether it’s out of respect or necessity, and work together.sure enough they do. The big question of the night was “Are Bryan and Reigns going to implode on each other?” Turns out it was The Authority that broke down and imploded. This is where Bryan and Reigns took advantage. Bryan was able to get back to back Yes! Locks on Big Show and Kane, but both were broken up due to interference. However, with a timely Spear from Reigns and a Flying Knee from Bryan that connected with Big Shows head meant a solid cover for Bryan.

Once again Bryan and Reigns stick it to The Authority, but what of this potential partnership in Bryan and Reigns? They have to face each other in weeks time at Fastlane. We saw solid camaraderie in their final match that seemed to be fueled by mutual respect. We all have a fair idea of what we’ll see at Fastlane, but please WWE, please surprise us. 

 Smackdown Rating: 3 out of 5 Tag Team Squashes 

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