Wrestling 101: Kevin Owens/Kevin Steen

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Since arriving on the scene at NXT two months ago, Kevin Owens has made a name for himself with his brutal in-ring offense and excellent mic skills. However, while it may be the first time that fans of the WWE have seen Owens, he previously wrestled under his real name, Kevin Steen, on many indie circuits. During his time as Steen, he had his most memorable rivalry with El Generico, who now wrestles in the WWE as Sami Zayn (though he won’t tell you so), both in Ring of Honor and Pro Wrestling Guerilla. These matches against Generico are some of the best matches in the history of both promotions, showing that the rivalry between the two not only spanned years but also completely different companies. What follows is a beginner’s guide to the hard-hitting Canadian, Mr. Wrestling himself, Kevin Steen. 

Kevin Steen Vs. El Generico ROH Ladder War

As mentioned above, Generico and Steen have had some of their best career matches against one another, and their set of Ladder War matches are the pinnacle of the rivalry. While not only is the in-ring action brutal, the use of the ladders is absolutely insane. Steen’s package piledriver on a ladder suspended between two ladders is as epic and dangerous as it sounds. While their most recent NXT Championship match was quite good, if NXT can truly let these two loose on one another, it should make for a hell of a match.

His Moveset

No one will ever accuse Kevin Steen of not having a versatile deep move-set. While he has become famous for his package piledrivier finisher, he has more athletic moves than any big man currently in the WWE. Not many big men can hit a moonsault or hit a devastating superkick, but Steen pulls them both off with aplomb. It’s a throwback to wrestlers like Bam Bam Bigelow with a versatile top rope move-set along with a set of brutal power moves.

His Promo Style

Not since CM Punk has there been such a natural on the mic. Steen doesn’t even seem to be actually cutting a promo, he is just talking straight to you, not playing a character. As Stone Cold once said, “the best characters are the ones where the guy’s personality is just turned up to 11.” I couldn’t agree more; Steen is angry and reserved at the same time, shades of Jake the Snake in his prime.

Kill Steen Kill

With a motto like that, there isn’t much that has to be said. Steen is a beast, and the chants he gets while he wrestles are testament to the intensity and violence with which he wrestles. 

Kevin Steen & El Generico vs. The Young Bucks

While Generico and Steen aren’t feuding, they teamed up to take on the Young Bucks during Pro Wrestling Guerilla’s Battle for Los Angeles in 2009. It was an intense tag team battle with Steen taking more superkicks than any human being should take in one match. While Steen and Generico have great rivalry chemistry, they also work amazingly as a tag team, and this a fantastic showcase of Kel Steenerico. 

If his past performances are any indication of what he has to bring to NXT, Steen should be break the mold of the big man in the WWE. His career is just beginning with the E, and with a talented background like his, I can’t wait to take the ride with him. 

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