Whatever Happened To: The Wyatt Family

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The Wyatt family has hit a metaphysical brick wall as far as the WWE goes. The stable has grown stale, having lackluster matches with the Undertaker and Kane and a match at TLC with the ECW legends, which I’m not sure if anyone wants to see.

The WWE has failed to keep the stable fresh or even put the stable in interesting feuds or matches. When the Wyatt family was first established with Bray Wyatt, Luke Harper, and Erick Rowan things looked incredibly promising for the stable and people enjoyed watching the stable.

In the PG era of wrestling it is always nice seeing something a little more on the dark and aggressive side. The Wyatt family did just that. It was aimed as a disturbing cult, with Wyatt at the head weaving his web and looking to make his presence known.

As time went on, Wyatt never made it to the main event spotlight and Harper and Rowan went on to singles competition with Rowan turning face and Harper remaining heel. After the disintegration of the family, the group would once again be reunited. The reformation of the group was probably an attempt to keep Harper and Rowan in storylines as neither took off as singles wrestlers without the group.

The reunion has not been meet with the same excitement as when the stable first debuted. In fact, the most memorable thing the stable has done was adding Braun Strowman to the stable, but adding a giant doesn’t help make the stable a legitimate group again.

It is losing any kind of heat and interest it once had and part of the problem is in the way the WWE handles storylines and pushes. The fans, who at one point clamored for a Wyatt push, are consistently ignored. I understand at points not doing everything fans want, but this isn’t the NFL or the NBA. You aren’t looking for receivers who can beat coverage, or find a big man who can attack the basket in the paint. You are looking for people who entertain, so why not push some of the performers people enjoy?

This has and continues to hurt a stable, whose leader is on the losing end of a lot of matches. It makes no sense to have a stable where the ‘powerful’ cult leader can’t get a big win. It makes it unbelievable and hard to take the stable seriously. One of two things needs to happen with the stable. Either Bray needs a push with his followers behind him, or the stable needs to be disbanded for good this time.

There needs to be a tactical push for Wyatt and the stable to thrive. The stable should act almost like the NWO, with less of the corporate takeover, but replicate the violent attacks the NWO was known for. The Wyatt family should be a feared group who is unpredictable in their attack.

If the group is set up this way it gives an opportunity to create feuds with other wrestlers. Attacks can be based upon whatever crazy piece of lunacy Bray Wyatt comes up with. This helps writers out (god knows they need it) and gives Bray a chance to be in some high profile feuds. It also allows the other members to be involved in tag team or single feuds themselves. While they will always be the supporting cast to Bray Wyatt, it gives everyone some time in the ring.

As the push continues for Bray, the Wyatt family can interfere and beat down anyone in their path. It creates the possibility for an interesting storyline down the road with ‘Team Good Guys’ taking on the powerful Watt family.

The push ultimately needs to end with Wyatt as the champion, because a simple push with the U.S or Intercontinental Championships doesn’t really warrant all the work and exposure the Wyatt family would receive from a push. After Wyatt gets the title he can have his run, give the belt to another, hopefully deserving, wrestler. Honestly, it’s a formula we’ve seen before and quite often, but the WWE has moved so far away from some of the traditional things wrestling consistently does, it might as well be considered fresh. After Bray drops the title the group and begin to separate however is necessary and we can have our WWE Network special about how great the stable was.

If something to this degree doesn’t happen, I see no way anyone can justify the Wyatt family remaining together. The whole group seems to be running through the motions, moving from one random rivalry to another. They even rehashed the Bray versus Undertaker match for Survivor Series, which culminated in a terribly boring tag team match where the Wyatts couldn’t even compete with the Deadman and Kane, even with interference from the other members.

Again, there is always option two. The WWE could just bury the stable now and let Wyatt and the others go on and try to make it on their own. It’s the only feasible way to give the wrestlers a chance to make it. If the stable continues to go in the direction it has been over the course of 2015 then it may hurt all the wrestlers involved in the stable beyond all repair.

The stable may have lost it’s momentum over time, but there is still some life left in the stable of bearded psychopaths. The potential for something new and unique is there, but the chances the WWE would pull the trigger on a decision such as this is slim to none. If the current state of the WWE it is far more likely the company will continue to throw out the Wyatt family into feuds and matches no one cares about, effectively burying the stable and more importantly Bray Wyatt.

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