The WWE Weekly Recap: 10/3/15

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It’s not been a good week to be a WWE employee. This past week, WWE saw its lowest ratings since the late 90’s and our main event for Raw saw Roman Reigns and Bray “Big Beef and Cheddar” Wyatt square off yet again. WWE has been resting on their laurals and they are finally paying for it. As such, its been a quiet week in the squared circle. If you didn’t catch it all, check out the jump for what you may have missed this week in WWE.

John Cena takes a vacation

Perhaps the biggest news of the week comes from outside the ring, as it was announced that current WWE United States Champion, John Cena will be taking some time off this winter for what WWE is referring to as, “Personal Reasons.” Whether this means he will be dropping the belt or will be defending it in a manner more akin to Sheamus or Dean Ambrose’s reign is a question i’m interested to see answered.

Ryback Cashes in Rematch Clause

On Thursday Night Smackdown, Ryback used his 30 rematch clause to challenge Kevin Owens for the Intercontinental Title. The match would prove to be far better than their previous outing at Night of Champions, however Owens showed that he is more than interested in business as usual as he won the match by simply getting himself counted out. WWE, insistence on keeping good heel wrestlers down by their characters refusal to perform is part of the reason that ratings are as low as they currently are. Anyone who hoped that KO would give us an interesting and eventful title reign were sadly mistaken.

Heath Slater Gets Slapped in the Face

Going so far as to produce a crappy video in which Heath Slater is nearly salivating at the opportunity to wrestler for the United States Title on Raw, only to have Xavier Woods of the New Day revealed as the challenger, Slater again finds himself searching for a role in a company that has long since forgotten him. While the internet at large was clearly behind Slater as a challenger, WWE brass felt that wasn’t enough to give the man a shot. While this is likely a set up for some sort of larger angel to get him back in the WWE spotlight, this whole ordeal still leaves a bad taste in our mouths.

King Barrett Returns

Sticking with Raw, unseen since SummerSlam, King Barrett made his return to exact revenge on his literal one time partner, Stardust. During a match pitting Neville against Stardust, Barrett would deliver two Bullhammer Elbows to the skulls of both competitors, likely payback for the SummerSlam match. Fresh after filming a movie, Barrett is looking better than ever.

Ashley from Human Resources…

Finally on Raw, what will likely be remembered as the only memorable event form the evening, Corporate Kane underwent a performance evaluation, delivered by one Ashley from Human Resources. The event would be spoiled by current WWE Champion, Seth Rollins who would deliver a beating to Kane so vicious that he would need to be taken away via Ambulance. Of course, Demon Kane would return to exact revenge to kick the unholy shit out of Rollins and glare at the camera, clutching the WWE World Heavyweight Championship.

Tyler Breeze def. Tommaso Ciampa

NXT’s main event would see Prince Pretty squaring off against a free agent, or at least one that is being booked as a free agent. For a moment, if we were to accept at face value that WWE is allowing free agents to compete on NXT as sort of a trial run, then this in itself is news. While behind the scene dealings are obviously taking place, its refreshing to see WWE returning to some of the business practices of yesteryear and injecting some sort of realism back into the product.

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