“Are You Talking To Me?”: Martin Scorsese Filmography Month

Posted in The Screening Room by - November 01, 2017
“Are You Talking To Me?”: Martin Scorsese Filmography Month

It’s our post-Halloween slump here at Kulture Shocked; unfortunately, we can’t talk horror movies all year long. So with that in mind, we are paying tribute to one of cinema’s last great auteurs, the genius Martin Scorsese. From his early works with Harvey Keitel in Mean Streets to his prolonged collaborations with Robert De Niro in Casino and Goodfellas to his later more reserved works such as Silence. Scorsese is a once in a lifetime director whose entire filmography spans nearly 50 years.

Along with Scorsese films, we’ll also be checking out the upcoming holiday releases including Thor: Ragnarok and Justice League.

Week 1

Friday Review: Mean Streets

Week 2

Monday Kulturecast: The King of Comedy

Tuesday Review: Taxi Driver

Thursday Kulturecast: Thor: Ragnarok

Friday Review: After Hours

Week 3

Monday Kulturecast: The Last Temptation of Christ

Tuesday Review: The Color of Money

Thursday Kulturecast: Murder on the Orient Express

Friday Review: Raging Bull

Week 4

Monday Kulturecast: Casino

Tuesday Review: Gangs of New York

Thursday Kulturecast: Justice League

Friday Review: Shutter Island

Week 5

Monday Kulturecast: Hugo

Tuesday Review: Silence

Thursday Kulturecast: Coco

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