“Oh, No! Not the Bees! Not the Bees!”: Our Nicolas Cage Retrospective

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“Oh, No! Not the Bees! Not the Bees!”: Our Nicolas Cage Retrospective

Nicolas Cage is one of the most polarizing actors in recent memory. He oscillates from emotionally-charged (Leaving Las VegasRaising ArizonaJoe) to some of the most truly manic performances ever conceived (Vampire’s Kiss The Wicker ManFace/Off). He is also one extremely marketable as he was almost cast as Superman in a Tim Burton-led Superman film and then later cast in the much-maligned Ghost Rider films.

This month we are taking a look at Nic Cage through the years as he progressed from comedic actor to serious actor then full-blown action star. We’ll also be taking a break from Nic Cage films to talk the next entry into the DC Comics cinematic universe Suicide Squad.

Week 1

Monday Kulturecast: Raising Arizona with screenwriter Tim Burns

Tuesday: Moonstruck

Wednesday: Peggy Sue Got Married

Thursday: Vampire’s Kiss

Friday: Fast Time at Ridgemont High

Saturday: Birdy

Week 2

Monday: Leaving Las Vegas

Tuesday: Face/Off

Wednesday: Con Air

Thursday: Suicide Squad with director Matt Campagna

Friday: Amos & Andrew

Saturday: Guarding Tess

Week 3

Monday: 8mm

Tuesday: Gone in 60 Seconds

Wednesday: Sonny

Thursday: Adaptation

Friday: Matchstick Men

Saturday: Snake Eyes

Week 4

Monday: The Wicker Man

Tuesday: Season of the Witch

Wednesday: World Trade Center

Thursday: Joe

Friday: Next

Saturday: The Croods

Week 5

Monday: Pay the Ghost

Tuesday: Dying of the Light

Wednesday: Outcast

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