The Familiar Things

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I was on the bus coming home from work while listening to my “The Doors” playlist and wondering what I was going to say in this article. I wanted to talk about Stranger Things; I wished to write an excellent article about it, of course, for I have just finished watching it and I loved it.

As I wondered, many thoughts came to my mind, many of them were science-related, but then I realized I did not want to talk about that. I started questioning: “why did I love it?”, “why do I keep thinking about it?”, “why do I want to watch it more?”.

Many of you may, at first think, or say it’s because of the dark atmosphere, the mystery of the Upside Down, Eleven’s super powers and dark past, but for me, that couldn’t be farther from the case. I believe that what made so many people fall in love with this show is exactly the opposite of the previously mentioned reasons. I think it’s because the show hits so close to home, and portrays the humanity and the fragility behind everyone and everything. Think about it.

At least once, we all have felt left out, an outsider, a weirdo. At least once, we all have felt bad in public, because somebody did not treat our friends, our loved ones, or us well. At least once, we all have felt sorry for seeing or knowing someone else who has been abused in some way. At least once, while growing up we all have felt that the world around us was a big uncharted land for us to explore and conquer, and at least once, it made us incredibly scared and afraid. At least once, we all have wanted to see our mothers be as passionate about us as Will’s mom is for him on the show.

If you were born before the internet came along, then you probably can relate with gathering friends at your house to play some board game or even Dungeons & Dragons which the show heavily features. If you were born after the internet came into play, then maybe you only remember gathering friends online to play Tibia, Mu Online, World of Warcraft and Ragnarök Online. Nevertheless, the feeling and the meaning of uniting your friends around you remained the same. We all feel warm inside when we think of waffles, cookies and chocolate pudding, and of course, home. We all feel angry when we stop to think someone may not have had the chance of living in a good home.

The show Stranger Things is about these things, our neighborhood and growing up. It’s also about family, friends, innocence, discovery, kid’s inherited cuteness, child’s sense of wonder and acceptance, and the things we all commonly feel strange and weird about.

To me, Stranger Things is the success it is not because of the unexplainable, the unknown, or the uncanny. It is because it appeals the most to what is familiar to us.

Our hearts.
Our homes.
Our memories.
The familiar things.

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