Stream Police: Anime Edition

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For this week’s Stream Police, I wanted to highlight an under appreciated function of Netflix. They have a lot of quality anime titles (admittedly, there’s a ton I’m not even watching), so I’m going to highlight a few that I’ve seen and are readily available for streaming.


Attack on Titan 

Arguably one of the most popular anime shows out right now, Attack on Titan follows Eren Yeager and his adopted sister, Mikasa Ackerman in a society that lives walled in from the “Titans”. The Titans are monstrous, hundred foot tall creatures that are nearly invincible, and have an appetite for humans. Our heroes join the kingdom’s defense force, known as the Survey Corps, and fight against these monsters in mankind’s last stand. Attack on Titan has a good amount of mystery, character development, and action, all while being beautifully rendered. The first season is up on Netflix, and it’s a good idea to catch up on it before the second season releases later this year or early next year.

Watch If You Like: Horror, Action, Anime

Knights of Sidonia 

Another relatively new series, Knights of Sidonia is kind of like Attack on Titan meets Gundam Wing. Set in 3394, Humanity lives on a giant ark type ship called “Sidonia” after Earth is destroyed by giant space monsters known as the Gauna. Nagate Tanikaze is our protagonist, a subterranean ship dweller who is discovered by those living on the surface, and immediately is thrust into the defense force for the ship to fight back against the Gauna and defend the last vestiges of humanity. The show has an odd art style that takes a few episodes to get used to, but the action is riveting, the characters range from wacky to relatable, and it’s an overall fun ride.

Watch If You Like: Mechs, Attack on Titan, Gundam


One of the all time most popular anime series of all time, Naruto follows Naruto Uzumaki, an orphaned ninja growing up in the world of shinobi, constantly surrounded by frequently increasing threats. With a clear influence from Dragon Ball Z, the fights are insane, with one fights powers upping the stakes immensely, but with its incredibly large cast, colorful characters, and a mostly riveting story (especially up to the end of the pre time skip era), Naruto remains one of the most memorable and influential anime series of my life, and you should check it out if you haven’t already. 

Watch If You Like: Dragon Ball Z, ninjas

Samurai Champloo

Short, sweet, and with a dope hip hop soundtrack, Samurai Champloo is the ultimate style over substance anime. The story is a group of samurai travelers looking for a samurai who smells of “Flowers” for a girl who saves them, but you’re mainly watching this for the swordplay, amazing soundtrack, and visceral movement of the show. Pretty popular in its original run, Netflix now gives you a chance to watch the whole 26 episode series at once, plus it’s not a massive time commitment.

Watch If You Like: Hip hop, Afro Samurai, Samurai


Ok, so maybe this one is going back to the well a little bit, but for a huge part of my childhood, Yu-Gi-Oh gave me a card battle game larger than life. Following the exploits of Yugi and his friends to regain the soul of his grandfather, captured by an evil card games maker named Maximillion Pegasus. They proceed by engaging other card game players in battles, utilizing cards that project themselves as large beasts. Admittedly, it is absurd, and the premise of a card game turning 3D simulations into actual monsters might not be for everyone. It’s a huge dose of nostalgia for 90s babies like myself, and it was up there with Pokemon as one of the defining shows of my childhood. 

Watch If You Like: Pokemon, Digimon

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