‘Rocky Horror Picture Show’ To Be Remade Into a TV Show

Posted in The Screening Room by - April 10, 2015

Deadline has reported that the cult classic, The Rocky Horror Picture Show is coming to a small screen near you soon.

Tentatively titled The Rocky Horror Picture Show Event, the project is described as a reimagining of the campy horror feature, which, 40 years after its release continues, to play in theaters around the world – the longest theatrical distribution frame for any film in history.

An interesting move, for sure, but with remakes of movies on television becoming a trend in the recent years, I can’t say it’s a completely out of left field move. Plus, people go back to The Rocky Horror Picture Show year after year. No casting announcements have been made yet, nor do we know if it will be one of those “live” events, but Kenny Ortega (of This Is It and High School Musical) is set to direct and choreograph the show.

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