Help Make LEGO Invader Zim a Reality!

Posted in The Screening Room by - February 24, 2015

We reported yesterday that Invader Zim would be back, but this time in comic-book form. Now, two Invader Zim fans, a husband and wife team, have taken it upon themselves to start a LEGO Ideas campaign to create a LEGO set based off the popular TV show. So far the campaign has garnered almost 1,200 supporters but it needs your help to reach 10,000 supporters by April 30, 2015 so that the idea can become a reality otherwise it gets wiped back down to 0 supporters. The current proposal for the set is Zim’s house, his voot runner along with Dib, Gnome, and two versions of GIR. They haven’t run into any of the typical LEGO Idea roadblocks such as licensing issues which is a good sign for project, along with being supported by Operation Head Pigeons, an online Invader Zim fan community. Make sure to visit their LEGO Ideas page and support the project, it’s free, so we can get even more Invader Zim

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