Big Changes Afoot for Season 2 of ‘The Leftovers’

Posted in The Screening Room by - December 08, 2014
via Grantland

via Grantland

The Leftovers ended up being one of my favorite new shows of this year, with it’s sweeping score and desolate vision of life after a mysterious event causes a 2% of the population to just disappear without a trace. With excellent acting provided by an impressive ensemble cast, Deadline is reporting that Season 2 will shake up the regulars on the show as well as moving the setting to a new locale. Deadline’s report states: 

I hear locked in to come back are most of the leads — star Justin Theroux, his onscreen family, estranged wife, played by Amy Brenneman, and children Margaret Qualley and Chris Zylka, as well as Carrie Coon, who plays Theroux’s love interest, and Christopher Eccleston, who portrays former reverend Matt Jamison. As Season 2 is still being mapped out, I hear things are still in flux and there is a possibility for a couple of more regulars to come back — I hear Liv Tyler is returning and Ann Dowd is also likely to continue — with others potentially making appearances as guest stars. Leftovers‘ Season 1 regular cast also included Emily Meade, Amanda Warren, Michael Gaston, Max & Charlie Carver and Annie Q.

Perhaps the whittled down cast will allow for more singular focus, rather than the multitude of characters the first season juggled. Regardless, I can’t wait for the upcoming season next year, and I will hope it continues the excellence displayed in Season One. 

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