That’s My Opinion: A Teaser For A Trailer?

Posted in The Screening Room by - December 04, 2014

Today’s big news included the reveal of the teaser trailer to the actual trailer of Terminator: Genisys:

I love movie trailers as much as the next guy, but at what point does the marketing efforts behind all these movies become excessive? There is a dichotomy behind teasers and regular trailers that exists, with teasers generally having less plot coherence in them, which makes certain audiences prefer one over the other. My issue is not with this, but rather my issue is the premise of teasing a trailer is ludicrous and accidentally meta to the point of parody. 

Isn’t the entire point of a teaser or regular trailer to give you your first taste of the product in question? Does this 15 second clip really make me any more likely to see the film, especially considering the trailer releases tomorrow? Why not just release the actual trailer today? It clearly is ready. A simple example of the ridiculousness of this practice can be traced back to this year’s earlier release of X Men: Days of Future Past. This Empire article features the title, “Bryan Singer Unveils Six Second X-Men: Days Of Future Past Teaser”. Really? A six second snippet is news now? This wasn’t necessarily the start of this teasing for a trailer trend, but it was one of the more notable examples of the last year. I can understand from the perspective of the film’s marketing, anything that gets people talking and engaged is a positive, but I just don’t see how this enhances anything about the film viewing experience. 

Perhaps I am overly cynical regarding this “issue”, but the 24/7 news cycle and relative safety of this marketing technique leaves a bad taste in my mouth as it is wholly unnecessary. That is not to say I’m not interested in any film that uses this marketing technique (I’ll probably see Terminator opening weekend). I can’t wait for the actual Terminator Genisys trailer, but the teaser for the trailer did nothing but make me want to bang my head into a wall. Give me the product or don’t waste my time.

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