Justin Lin to direct ‘Star Trek 3’

Posted in The Screening Room by - December 24, 2014

After several weeks without a director, the newest Star Trek film has a director. Justin Lin, director of Fast and Furious 6, has been chosen to helm the newest film in the franchise, beating out other directors such as Duncan Jones and Rupert Wyatt. While Roberto Orci was slated to direct the film, he dropped out but is still attached as a producer.

As a fan of Star Trek, I would have liked to see Johnathan Frakes given a shot at directing one of the new big budget Star Trek films. Frakes played Riker on Star Trek: The Next Generation and had directed two previous Star Trek films in the 90s, so it’s understandable that Trekkies would want him to direct the newest film. Only time will tell how Lin does with the franchise, but it should be interesting nonetheless.

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