Infamy Lasts Forever: Controversial Films Month

Posted in Screening Room by - August 01, 2017
Infamy Lasts Forever: Controversial Films Month

There are films out there that have received attention due to their controversial nature, be it A Serbian Film‘s use of sex and violence, Martyrs’ use of extreme gore and sadism, and Nekromantik‘s approach to necrophilia. These films have shocked, disgusted, and repulsed audiences with their subject matter and this month, we take our turn with these infamous films.

Along with controversial films, we finish out the final month of summer with a look at the final blockbuster releases including an interview with David F. Sandberg, director of Annabelle: Creation, an author’s take on The Dark Tower, and female John Wick otherwise known as Atomic Blonde.

Week 1

Tuesday Review: Antichrist

Thursday Kulturecast: Atomic Blonde

Friday Review: August Underground


Week 2

Monday Kulturecast: A Serbian Film

Tuesday Review: Begotten

Thursday Kulturecast: The Dark Tower

Friday Review: Irreversible


Week 3

Monday Kulturecast: Nekromantik

Tuesday Review: Gummo

Thursday Kulturecast: Annabelle Creation

Friday Review: Man Behind the Sun


Week 4

Monday Kulturecast: In A Glass Cage

Tuesday Review: Pink Flamingos

Thursday Kulturecast: The Hitman’s Bodyguard

Friday Review: Salo, or 120 Days of Sodom


Week 5

Monday Kulturecast: Martyrs

Tuesday Review: Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer

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