The Beginning of the End: ‘Gone in 60 Seconds’ Review

Posted in Screening Room by - August 16, 2016
The Beginning of the End: ‘Gone in 60 Seconds’ Review

Truth be told, despite its shaky quality, Gone in 60 Seconds is perhaps the most aptly titled film in the history of cinema. Not a minute after watching this film, any recollection of it had vanished from my mind.

Starring our beloved Nic Cage as the lead and an expert car thief, Gone in 60 Seconds is Cage’s pursuit for a white-picket fence, two kids and Sunday barbecues following a life of crime and exhilarating car chases. But, as he begins his quiet, suburban life, in the most cliché of twists, his brother Kip (Giovanni Ribisi) gets into trouble with a crime kingpin and begs Cage to come out of retirement for




Yep, one of those flicks.

Seeing that Cage can act (and has acted well in my previously reviewed films) has given me a newfound appreciation for actors who, despite all circumstance, continually put a significant effort towards their craft. Though Cage’s reputation of over and hyper-acting precedes even him, it seems that in many cases, he really just likes to put 110% towards whatever film he’s making. Granted, his performances are over-the-top in many regards, but he’s one of only a few actors who repeatedly put a real effort into most of their roles. Though the paycheck for this movie was likely the only reason Cage, Angelina Jolie, and Robert Duvall did it, it seems Cage was the only one of the talented trio to show up to set with the goal of delivering a sincere performance.

Though Jolie and Duvall will never be poor actors, it’s easy for even the most amateur of audience members to notice that they seem dreadfully bored for characters in a film revolving around crime, money, and fast cars. Speaking of cars, they don’t appear to do much either. Based off of a film that had too many car chases (the 1974 indie hit of the same name) and not enough plot to make it all sensible, this film has gone the other direction and given us a boring action film with too much exposition, gross over and under-characterizations and not nearly enough adrenaline-fueled car chases.

The product of it all being that Gone in 60 Seconds is simply another remake/spinoff/reboot that tries to outdo the nostalgia of its predecessor by turning the ludicrous plot base up to 11 while subsequently ignoring everything that made the original good. Stealing 50 luxury cars in one night isn’t all that impressive if you don’t at least look good doing it, right?


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