Stream Police: ‘Everything is Underrated’ Edition

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Scour the internet and you’ll find countless lists of shows and movies that are hidden gems.  Often two hours of indie garbage that clogs up your recently watched list in a feeble attempt to give yourself culture. Then, there is the same ol’ shit everyone fell in love with years ago and refers to as the “Gold” of Netflix.  News Flash!  Dexter sucks.

What about the rest of the muck that’s fit to rake?  What’s left when you’ve watched Archer for the umpteenth time?  Take it from me guys, there’s still mileage left in Big Red, and I’m here to lead the way.

Scary Movie

Don’t let the sins of the multiple sequels sour you on the quality of this film.  Scary Movie remains one of the funniest films to come out of the 90’s era.  With the famous Wayans Bros. at the helm, Scary Movie expertly skewers various horror tropes while delivering laughs and sight gags more akin to Airplane! Where is the foot? Where is the foot indeed.

Watch if you like: Airplane!, Naked Gun Series

The Increasingly Poor Decisions of Todd Margret

This series gets a lot of flack for its admittedly slow start and somewhat flat first four episodes.  However, once the series picks up steam, Arrested Development Alums David Cross and Will Arnet give a laugh out loud performance in their portrayal of two schmucks living a life well outside their normal personalities. The supporting casts and exceptionally vulgar language as the series enters the second season make for an entertaining journey.

Watch if you like: Archer, Arrested Development, South Park

Courage The Cowardly Dog

As an adult, I can appreciate this show on a much deeper level than I was capable of as a child.  As the parent of an aging dog, I enjoy the imagination and creativity that went into this program.  An easy watch and the perfect, “white noise” show, Courage is a fun trip down memory lane, one that was often overshadowed by the rest of the Cartoon Network Lineup.

Watch if you like: Powerpuff Girls, Rugrats, Marijuana

The Cleveland Show

While often feeling like “Diet Family Guy,” The Cleveland Show is a respectable spin-off for the Peter Griffin universe.  Admittedly the show isn’t nearly as funny or snappy as the later seasons of Family Guy have been, The Cleveland Show carries with it, it’s own charm and presentation.  Episodes do suffer from some odd pacing, and the show does require a few runs to be fully enjoyed, it does grow on you after a while.  Plus, hearing Arianna Huffington (Yes, that one.) joke about taking it up the ass from a black convict while portraying an anthropomorphic bear is enough to sell me on it.

Watch if you like: American Dad, Bob’s Burgers,  Futurama

Breaking The Magician’s Code

There is a bit of a personal component to this addition, and I’ve very happy and fortunate to be able to share it.  Around eight years ago in our local market, this program was on syndication and shown on an over the air station.  For whatever reason, every Monday night, my friends and I would split a couple of cheap pepperoni pizzas from the shop down the street, watch every minute of this ridiculous program and laugh and carry on. This was one of the first times I met my fiancé and it’s a wonderful reminder of a time when I was a simpler, happier person.

Watch if you like: Memories, Survivor, Pizza  

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