Stream Police: Tinfoil Hat Edition

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Who doesn’t love a good conspiracy theory? UFOs, moon landing, the JFK assassination, it’s all fair game. Netflix has no shortage of interesting and out there documentaries that stretch the limits of fact and possibly delve into fiction.

UFOS: The Best Evidence Ever (Caught on Tape)

So I’ll be upfront here about my feelings towards UFOs and aliens. I don’t think we are alone in the universe because how could we be with the infinitesimal amount of planets and galaxies that are purported to exist. However, I believe most UFO footage are just hoaxes and misidentified objects rather than truly unknown ones. So, in the mid ’90s, bolstered by the success of The X-Files, Fox began to run programs that dealt directly with the UFO phenomenon. The quality and notoriety varied but one thing stayed the same: they were all narrated by Jonathan “I just needed the money at the time” Frakes.

Best Evidence Ever deals with UFOs caught on tape and it features interviews with amateur cameramen who took the footage along with professionals who determine their validity. It’s a fun and, at times silly, look at the extraterrestrial craze of the ’90s and those who became swept up in it.

Ghost Adventures

Ghost Adventures is Travel Channel’s answer to the widely popular Ghost Hunters on Syfy but with more of a bro-vibe to it. The host, Zak Bagans, seems to be in a perpetual state of bro-ing out as he and his two buddies investigate and are locked down overnight in some of the most haunted locations in the US. Shows like Adventures would benefit from a Scully-esque skeptic who brings a different side of the conversation to the investigations rather than the confirmation bias that seems to exist between the trio on the show. Some of the EVP (electronic voice phenomenon) is interesting but not earth-shattering and most of the show ends up being a history lesson with ghost hunting tacked on for good measure. At least the hosts are likable and not dickheads like Hunters

Unsealed: Conspiracy Files

Narrated by a dime store version of Will Arnett, Unsealed: Conspiracy Files runs the gamut from Bigfoot to CIA mind control as the topic of each episode. Information flies at you quick and often without real context as the show does its best to cover the entire range of the expansive topics. While it won’t mention anything new for seasoned conspiracists, it’s more of a primer for those who have no prior exposure to the world of conspiracy theories and unexplained phenomena. 

Conspiracy Theory: Did We Land on the Moon?

Once the ’90s were coming to a close, the UFO craze had begun to die down significantly, and the public began to look for new conspiracy theories to latch onto. Cue the faking of the moon landing. While I don’t buy into NASA and the massive cover-up that would need to exist for a moon landing to be faked, a portion of the population seems to have unyielding feelings about it.

Another FOX special, this time, narrated by X-Files alum Mitch Pileggi and featuring another group of believers who refute the claim we landed on the moon. While it’s hard to keep a straight face during some of the “evidence” being shown, it is still an intriguing look at a consipracy as popular as the JFK assassination. 

Alien Autopsy: Fact or Fiction

Alien Autopsy is the granddaddy of all alien phenomenon caught on tape. Not only is it convincingly shot and staged, it’s also been debunked but not really. Spliced together with yet again more on-screen and off-screen narration from Jonathan Frakes, the one-hour special delves deep into the history behind the controversial footage. They talk to the man who found it, the special investigator tasked with finding the elusive camera man, and professionals who give their opinions on the validity of the footage. It was shocking at the time, and while most of the shock has worn off with time, it’s another interesting time capsule into the ’90s UFO craze. 

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