‘Leprechaun: Origins’ Review: Unlucky Charms

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Leprechaun: Origins is a terrible but watchable film. It tells the story of a group of freshly graduated college kids to go to Ireland for fun, and you guessed it, they all get chased by a monster. If you thought I was going to write leprechaun, I’m very hesitant to do so simply because the creature in this movie is hardly a leprechaun. It certainly has no real similarity to the leprechaun from the other films. But hey, it’s in Ireland, and it likes gold, so maybe it does count as a leprechaun.

The film is the most annoying kind of bad movie to talk about because as a horror film it has all the failings that plague too many horror movies. It has the most paper-thin and cliché of characters: college kids. Yes, they’re horny, and they love alcohol. One of them is smart or at least that’s what the movie wants us to think because we’re told she intends to get a Master’s degree. But other than that, their personality are almost all exchangeable, and we’re not given much reason to care about the characters. There’s also the group of locals that set a trap for them. If you think I’ve spoiled anything for you, you haven’t watched enough horror movies or not thinking a lot about this film. If it’s the latter, I don’t blame you; there hardly is anything to think about. But those locals have a far more interesting background and conflict going on between them. I would’ve liked them to be the protagonists of this movie instead.

Beyond that, the movie is incredibly bland. There are no real scares, no real shocking moments. It looks good enough for a small budget movie, so at least it’s not technically incompetent but there isn’t a whole lot to go by here. But hey, there are two shots apparently made with Go-Pros that look kind of cool. Beyond that, the music is cheesy. The sort of music you’d expect to find in crummy TV movies which I’m surprised this wasn’t. A lot of horror movies live or die by their technical proficiency, and that’s perhaps what’s most disappointing about this film. It needed better material. I’m sure something of better quality could’ve been pulled off at the same but lower budget. Another inexplicable thing about this movie is that the end credits going for twelve minutes. No shit, I counted. Instead of rolling, we get title cards that fade in and out while we get random footage of hands flipping through books about leprechauns. Was the script too short? Did they take out too many scenes? It’s hard to say why they needed to reach a full 90 minutes given there are other movies that are still released but shorter.

Leprechaun: Origins is a dud. It has absolutely nothing to offer that you haven’t seen anywhere before. It denies bringing any original pleasures of its own.

Final Say: Skip It

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