Steam Police: WWE Originals Edition

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The spectacle that was Wrestlemania has come and gone but the passion never dies. Thanks to the WWE Network, fans both casual and veteran can enjoy a seemingly endless parade of wrestling content on demand for the low, low price of $9.99 (Maggle). However, after spending an entire Sunday and most of a Monday watching what amounted to two full work days worth of wrestling, it’s easy to understand that, yes even I are feeling a bit burned out on the squared circle. Thankfully, there’s a ton of non combat content on the WWE Network, and much of it is pretty watchable.

Unfiltered With Renee Young

Starring rookie announcer and interviewer Renee Young, Unfiltered is structured as a casual chat between the titular host and her subject. With guests ranging from in ring talent to Harrison Ford and Wiz Khalifa, chats range from discussions of life on the road as a wrestler to hyping a big budget films. Admittedly, some of the celebrity appearances devolve into an extended commercial rather quickly, the editions featuring wrestlers provide interesting backstage insight into life in WWE.

The Monday Night War

A mini documentary series chronicling the rise and fall of what many consider the greatest time in pro wrestling, The Monday Night War spins the tale of the rise and fall of WCW and the near bankruptcy of WWE. Even for long time fans, there is guaranteed to be tidbits of information that come as surprising, particularly when the subject examines the infamous, “Curtain Call,” controversy. For non fans, The Monday Night War is a fascinating view of two competing big budget companies and insight into what lengths a television production would go to remain on the air.

Jerry Springer Presents: WWE Too Hot For TV

With Jerry Springer acting as the framing device, Too Hot For TV is exactly what it sounds like. For guys like me, it’s a fantastic trip down memory lane. A time warp to a period when it seemed like nothing in wrestling was off limits. For modern fans, its a bit of forced culture (Kulture?) shock. It’s hard to believe that in the early 2000’s WWE could get away with a segment featuring two women in swimsuits making out in the middle of the ring or Triple H having sex with a dead body. Fun Fact: Triple H is currently an executive with WWE.

WWE Rivalries

A common misconception is that everything in wrestling is scripted or “fake.” WWE Rivalries examines what happens when truth is stranger than fiction. Rivalries features some of the more famous bouts, McMahon/Austin, Rock/Cena and of course, Hardy/Edge. Unfortunately, the series appears to have been canceled, but believe me, each episode flies by.

Table for 3

Featuring three wrestlers or personalities fitting a theme, such as former Intercontinental Champions, Table for 3 is an interesting conversation between three professionals discussing life in WWE. Whether discussing life on the road, friendship in the locker room or even the tumultuous world of WWE politics, Table for 3 is a great starting point for a new fan hoping to better aquatint themselves with their favorite talent, or a veteran seeking to learn a new facet of an old friend.

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