‘Damage’ Review: Ever Heard of a Dog Fight?

Posted in Screening Room by - April 25, 2016

I finally get to review my first nonsequel of the month. It’s also the first one that I’ve watched that was made before 2014. It’s Damage, starring the great old standby wrestler that is Steve Austin. Not all of his movies have been great, but I watched him wrestle when I was younger, and he still manages to maintain a semblance of intimidation in my once untrained eyes. Perhaps this week’s feature could turn out to be the best one yet.

Damage follow Stone Cold as he gets released from prison on parole, cutting short his time served for a manslaughter charge. He gets work as a bouncer at a dive bar, and when Reno, played by Walton Goggins of all people, sees him beat up a couple of trouble makers, he decides to offer Stone Cold a job fighting in an underground gladiator arena. Stone Cold takes the job, but only after the wife of his victim comes to him and demands $250,000 for a heart surgery for her now fatherless daughter. Of all the features I’ve watched this month, this one seems to be the least by the book plot so far. It’s got character development, actual motivations, and even decent dialogue.

On top of the better than average writing team, Damage also manages to be well made, with well-planned shot compositions, actually entertaining fight choreography, and quality sound design. All in all the movie is worth a look. It doesn’t have the explosions of the other WWE Studio films I’ve watched this month, but it has something better, and that’s a competent cast and crew.

Final Say: Watch It

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