‘Best in Show’ Review: Two Left Feet

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Before we begin; hooray for “Mockumentary Month”! As much as I enjoyed last month’s barrage of film epics, it’s nice to go for some lighter substance every now and again. To kick off my review set I was tasked with watching the hilarious mockumentary on dog shows. Best in Show features a documentary crew covering various competitors and their dogs before, during and after their performance in the 125th annual Mayflower Kennel Club Dog Show.

Binge watching The Office recently has given me a level of comfort with mockumentary style movies that I hadn’t had before so watching Best in Show was – in my mind – going to be fairly routine. Now, as many of you may know, in the later seasons of The Office (US) the comedy tends to fall off a fair bit. As such, using the fictitious documentary crew as a comedic element becomes a rare thing and you tend to forget that you’re watching something in mockumentary style.

Best in Show however, is very devoted to making it more of a formal documentary dissection. There are backstories, couple’s stories, and of course, dog stories given up to the camera to familiarize the audience with its character. For the first “act” of the movie, there’s not much revolutionary comedy but it’s all good fun.


As the show gets underway however, things are pushed into a new realm of laughs. With the introduction of the juxtaposed announcers, a sports style commentator and a posh British critic, the film gets you reeling. Additionally, I’d like to thank director Christopher Guest for not turning the pageant upside down with ridiculous antics as many event-based comedies tend to do. Instead he uses the colorful personalities of the dog owners and the subtle recurring gags to carry the movie and carry they do.

All in all, Best in Show was immensely fun and novel in its humor. With a 1hr 30 minute runtime there’s no excuse not to watch this movie. Though it’s not a groundbreaking film, Best in Show proves that not all gags have to be overdone rehashes. For a good time-killer or date night film you can’t go wrong with this one.

Final Say: Watch It 

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