Kulture Shocked Goes to the Oscars: Funky ’70s Edition

Posted in Screening Room by - February 01, 2016

February means one thing if you’re a fan of film, and no we aren’t talking about you Deadpool, we are talking about the Oscars. Every year the best and whitest of Hollywood come together in Los Angeles to give themselves awards and, if you don’t win, indulgent gift bags with vaginoplastys and cruises.

This month, Kulture Shocked will be covering the all but two of the Best Picture films of 2016 on the bi-weekly Kulturecast, and then for our written reviews, we will be looking back at one of the best decades in film, the ’70s. Each week we will be covering all of the Best Picture nominees from a different year in the ’70s along with the film that took home the award. It’s going to be a month of little gold men, and no that isn’t a euphemism. 

Week 1 (1st – 6th): 1970

Monday Kulturecast: The Martian

Tuesday: Patton

Wednesday: MASH

Thursday Kulturecast: Mad Max: Fury Road

Friday: Airport

Saturday: Love Story

Week 2 (7th – 13th): 1972

Monday Kulturecast: The Revenant

Tuesday: Sounder

Wednesday: Deliverance

Thursday Kulturecast: Bridge of Spies 

Friday: The Godfather

Saturday: The Emigrants

Week 3 (14th – 20th): 1975

Monday Kulturecast: The Big Short

Tuesday: Nashville

Wednesday: Dog Day Afternoon

Thursday Kulturecast: Spotlight

Friday: Jaws

Saturday: Barry Lyndon

Week 4 (21th – 27th): 1978

Monday Kulturecast: Creed

Tuesday: Midnight Express

Wednesday: The Deer Hunter

Thursday Kulturecast: Anomalisa

Friday: Heaven Can Wait

Saturday: Coming Home

Week 5 (28th – 29th)

Monday Kulturecast: Oscar Wrap-Up

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