The Pen is Mightier: Kulture Shocked’s Page to Screen Month

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For as long as movies have been made, there have been film adaptations of books. Some have been achievements in cinema like The Lord of the Rings trilogy, and others have been downright atrocious, cough cough The Da Vinci Code. With that in mind, this month we will be focusing on films that have been adapted from books be it directly (Animal Farm) or thematically (O Brother, Where Art Thou?). It’s going to be a month of necessary and and unnecessary comparisons, join us won’t you?

Week 1 (1st)

Saturday: Naked Lunch

Week 2 (2nd – 8th)

Monday Kulturecast: O Brother, Where Art Thou? With Interviews From Michael Baddalucco, Frank Collison, and Wayne Duvall

Tuesday: The Dirty Dozen

Thursday Kulturecast: Animal Farm

Friday: I Love You Beth Cooper

Saturday: Nightbreed

Week 3 (9th – 15th)

Monday Kulturecast: The Name of the Rose With Interview From Elya Baskin

Tuesday: The Green Mile

Thursday Kulturecast: American Psycho With Interview From Matt Ross

Friday: The Warriors

Saturday: Big Trouble

Week 4 (16th – 22th)

Monday Kulturecast: The Man from U.N.C.L.E.

Tuesday: Sorcerer (1977)

Thursday Kulturecast: Hannibal Franchise With Interview From Peter Webber

Friday: Communion   

Saturday: Excalibur

Week 5 (23rd – 29th)

Monday Kulturecast: Going Postal With Interview From Jon Jones

Tuesday: No Escape

Thursday Kulturecast: 13th Warrior With Interview From Dennis Storhøi

Friday: Killer Elite

Saturday: Greystoke: The Legend of Tarzan, Lord of the Apes

Week 6 (30th)

Monday Kulturecast: Who Framed Roger Rabbit With Interview From Gary K. Wolf

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