‘Batman vs Superman’ Trailer: Superhero Overload

Posted in Screening Room by - July 12, 2015

Well, this trailer certainly has a lot in it. We get our first good look at Ben Affleck as Bruce Wayne, and I’ve gotta say, I kinda like it. The trailer also gives us enough teases of possible characters and plot points to fill a season of television, as well as our first good look at Jesse Eisenberg as a young Lex Luthor. You can tell he’s young, because he keeps his hair long, something only a young person would do. 

Nearly all of my fears about this film, and all of the hopes fans of the abysmal Man of Steel, have been confirmed. It looks as though this is a bloated film filled with masculine themes of teenage power struggles, montages of men being good, men being bad, and nods to heroes and villains who will certainly feature in upcoming Warner Brothers films. My prediction is that much like ‘Man of Steel,’ this will play out as an almost coherent montage advertising the next film, while delivering enough testosterone fueled sequences to satisfy its teenage fanbase.

The inclusion of Wonder Woman is unexplained, and unless Zach Snyder pulls off an unprecedented feat of subtle storytelling, I see no logical way she fits into the already huge film. For further worry, there’s the fact that Aqua Man is also featured in this film and hasn’t even been shown yet. 

I honestly see no way for this to turn out well.

But maybe I’m wrong. You may love it. Plenty of people will. I’m sure of it. I hope I eat my words, but after seeing this I seriously doubt it. 

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