‘The Losers’ Reviews: They Started It.

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My belated written review is over the film The Losers. Released in 2010, The Losers is based off of a 2003 comic book of the same name. It’s one of the more action packed comic films I’ve watched this month, and that’s saying something considering I’ve also wrote a review for Timecop. I’ve watched The Losers a few times since it first came out in theaters, and it manages to be an endearing film with enough explosive shoot outs to also be vastly entertaining.

The film follows a team of soldiers sent to mark a terrorist base with a laser target for a jet fighter. After they mark the target, they realize the compound is filled with children and attempt to call off the mission. The mysterious “Max” at HQ refuses to abort, and the team goes in anyway to try and save the kids before the air strike hits. They get the kids out, but there’s no room for both the team and the children on the evac chopper, so they give the kids their seat. Unfortunately, Max made plans to take out the team after their mission, and the chopper explodes. With a vendetta against their unknown opponent, and the world thinking their dead, the team goes to ground while they try and find information on Max. The plot of the movie isn’t as straightforward as one might expect from a hard core action movie, and the team’s back and forth throughout the film is witty and humorous, providing an interesting contrast to the violent and often brutal conflicts.

The film is packed full of a recognizable cast that serves to add relatable and interesting characters to the shoot em’ up flick. Jeffery Dean Morgan plays Clay, the hard nosed, rough and tumble leader of the team of eponymous losers. Chris Evans portrays Jensen, the ineffectual poon hound with a hyperactive disorder. Evans functions as the comic relief in a group made up almost entirely by comedic characters. Idris Elba brings his reliable gravitas to the role of Roque, the strong, cynical, and practical bad ass and knife expert. Zoe Saldana plays Aisha, a sultry, smart, ass kicking woman that gives The Losers intelligence on how to find Max. To top off this laundry list of talent, Jason Patrick’s Max is a hilarious villain that plays the hell out of the part, and his interactions with his main minion Wade are almost always funny.

The colors and settings are bright and vibrant, like most decent comic based films we’ve watched this month. Shot styles are fast paced, with plenty of camera motion to entertain the eye. The action is quick and exciting without the shaky cam motion blur technique that seems to muddy up so many movies these days. The original pieces of music are mostly uninteresting, but the better known songs chosen as backdrops for the action scenes are well paced and engaging.

All in all The Losers is an entertaining piece of cinema that is easy to consume without being stupid. It’s visuals feel like a comic book came to life, and the piece doesn’t take itself to seriously. If you’re in to shoot em’ up films and brightly colored comic book movies, The Losers is one to check out.

Final Say: Watch It

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