Stream Police: Let’s Say Goodbye

Posted in Screening Room by - May 19, 2015

Another week, another Stream Police. Here are my suggestions for some of the most noteworthy things to check out on Netflix this week. 

Mad Men

Having just wrapped aired its season finale, I think now is the time to catch up on the previous six and a half season of one of my favorite show’s of all time. Following Don Draper (Jon Hamm) as a creative director at an advertising firm with a plethora of personal issues in the 60s, Mad Men stands as one of the most stylish and introspective shows I’ve ever seen. Each character lives and breathes like a real person, and despite the show having no true endgame, I can’t help but find myself transfixed to the screen at every conversation between the characters. 

For fans of: casual workplace drinking, suits, casual workplace sex, Jon Hamm, Dad Bods


Shot entirely in black and white, Nebraska follows Will Forte’s character taking his crotchety father (Bruce Dern) to cash in a clearly fake lottery ticket across the country to Nebraska. With a strong supporting cast and emotionally resonant plot that features an old man trying to make something of his life in his waning days is both sad and uplifting. Plus, Will Forte’s dramatic chops are really highlighted here as he plays a character outside of his normal comedic range.

For fans of: Black and white movies, old people, dramas

Pain and Gain

Based on a true story, Pain and Gain follows three roided up dimwits (Mark Wahlberg, The Rock, and Anthony Mackie) attempting to rob a millionaire (a slimy Tony Shaloub) and get away with it. Of course, their plan goes completely awry since the main characters are essentially idiots who only know how to work out. Yet for some reason, the leads are incredibly endearing, and you can’t help but hope they get away with it. Directed by Michael Bay, this film has a lot less special effects focus than his other works, and the end result is a hilariously morbid tale of ambition.

For fans of: Michael Bay moves, Entourage, working out

The Master

Also known as Scientology: The MovieThe Master stars the late Philip Seymour-Hoffman as an eccentric cult leader (a clear parable to L. Ron Hubbard) in a clearly bullshit religion. Joaquin Phoenix plays a damaged man who becomes devoted to Hoffman’s cause as it gives him something to anchor to as his character is an established drifted, both mentally and physically. Being a P.T. Anderson movie, it gets a bit weird at points, but the performances are incredible even if the plot verges on dense.

For fans of: P.T. Anderson, Joaquin Phoenix, There Will Be Blood, Magnolia

The Conspiracy

A pseudo documentary, The Conspiracy is riveting from the initial second in which two filmmakers dig deep into the world of conspiracies, including 9/11 and the Illuminati. As they go deeper and deeper into the rabbit hole, they discover a secret society, which culminates in one of the more terrifying climaxes in recent memory. The film utilizes the found footage/documentary tropes effectively and almost makes you believe it’s real for a bit. Mixing in some real world intrigue with some creepy interpretations leads to one of the best horror films of the last several years. 

For fans of: Found footage films, The Blair Witch Project and the like, conspiracy theories, The X-Files

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