Furious 8 confirmed for 2017

Posted in Screening Room by - April 23, 2015

Recently on Kulture Shocked, we recorded a podcast in which three out of four staff members decided to tear Furious 7 a new plot hole. However, there’s no denying its success in the markets. Release earlier this month, the blockbuster has already racked in 300 million in the domestic market, and a whopping 1.15 billion world wide. If there was any doubt that Hollywood would continue to milk the fast cars and over the top action for every cent it was worth, those doubts have been laid to rest.

At Cinema Con this year Vin Diesel made the announcement. At the current moment there is no director set up. Justin Lin is working on Star Trek 3, while James Wan is rumored to be on the list for the Aquaman director slot. Hopefully having a new driver at the wheel will make the roads feel smoother.

Furious 8is scheduled to hit theaters on April 14th of 2017, but we’ll probably get a trailer in the next few months. Until then remember, in Hollywood “One last ride” is only ever true if you’re dead.

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