‘Puncture’ Review: Sometimes the Brightest Light comes from the Darkest Places

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The list for our Reader Submitted Month is quite the eclectic one (if you haven’t seen it, you can here). From comedy to action to drama, even to kid’s movies, this list has everything. At first glance, I wasn’t sure how dark it would go, and I thought we had reached bottom with Bronson. I was wrong. The next entry on the list is the 2011 law drama, Puncture, suggested by Dante Loquercio, and boy, it is dark.

Puncture is the true story of two lawyers based in Houston, Texas that decide to take on a GPO that is breaking anti-trust laws in our national health care system. The film highlights the dark existence of Mike Weiss, partner of Danziger & Weiss, who cares more about using the law to help others than obeying the law and helping himself.

I have to say, this is the second non-Captain America film I’ve seen Chris Evans in, and I couldn’t be more pleased with his performance. Evans takes on the challenge of portraying Mike Weiss, the heroin and coke addled lawyer, who succumbs to his addiction before he can finish “fighting the good fight.” This is an extraordinary performance from someone whose had made a living from playing bland and mildly humorous superheroes. Watching someone battle addiction is always a powerful and dark journey, and Evans certainly takes on that trip.

My favorite aspect of this film is the usage of color. Helge Gerull uses a wide and dynamic pallet to infuse different moods and emotions into the scenes. Gerull manages to use nearly every color imaginable with great effect, to the point that in scenes that were infused with yellows and greens, I began to feel sick watching Evans go through withdraw. 

I will admit that I have mixed emotions about this film. For the record, it is masterfully shot, the acting is great and it tells a compelling story. However, I have a hard time relating to a heroin and coke addled character that ends up losing his life to his own addiction. It’s a  personal reason as to why I can’t buy into this film. This fact may not bother many of you, and to you I say, please go enjoy this film. I’m not going to claim this is a “Must Watch” film, but it definitely is not a waste of your time. If you yearn to see Chris Evans in something that isn’t Captain America, sit down and watch Puncture.

Final Say: Watch It

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