Stream Police: Under New Management

Posted in Screening Room by - April 14, 2015

We here at Kulture Shocked love the Stream Police, and we know that you do too. With that in mind, Stream Police is now under new management, and we promise to bring you new, exciting Netflix suggestions each week, for the low low price of free. 

The Sheik

There is no question that I am a huge fan of wrestling, and if you’ve read any of my Wrestling 101 pieces, you know that I love the business, along with the in-ring action. The Sheik is a great example of that exploration between the fine line that divides in-ring action and real life problems that come with being a sports entertainer. Along with the fact that the Iron Sheik is one of the most controversial wrestlers, both inside and outside of the ring, it makes for a truly entertaining documentary. 

For fans of: Any ESPN 30 for 30, documentary junkies, and people with Tic Tac dicks (just watch the movie) 


This movie is insane. There is literally no other word to describe a film about a constantly drunk police officer who becomes a constantly drunk werewolf police officer. There is even a scene where the werewolf man fucks a woman, who is actually an elderly shape shifter. It’s over-the-top and one of the best B horror movies I’ve ever seen. It can’t be explained, it has to be watched.

For fans of: Hobo with a Shotgun, B horror, and lycanthropy 

The Mind of a Chef

This show flew completely under the radar for me for the longest time, most likely because it comes from our friends at public broadcasting PBS. The genesis of this show is that it follows one chef, or two in the second season, as they talk about things that they are interested in, or that have shaped their career. It also features Anthony Bourdain who is my favorite food personality of all time. It’s the best show that I have seen about the creative process behind making food while also giving the viewer an intimate look at what it’s like to be in the psyche of a chef. 

For fans of: No Reservations with Anthony BourdainBizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern, and stoners with a bad case of the munchies

The History of Future Folk

This movie might be, behind High Fidelity, one of my favorite movies about music. It features two space aliens, played by Nils d’Aulaire and Jay Klaitz, who come to colonize Earth, but instead fall in love with of all things folk music. The two aliens go on to form Future Folk, a sci-fi folk band that love to sing about their home planet Hondo. It’s shades of Tenacious D and the Pick of Destiny with less stoner humor, and more sly sci-fi jokes. 

For fans of: Tenacious D and the Pick of Destiny, mockumentaries, and sci-fi folk music, 

Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure

One of the greatest stoner comedies of all time, and George Carlin’s best role in a film, this movie is hilarious. The eponymous duo of Bill and Ted travel the tubes of time bringing historical figures back with them so they can ace their history final and fulfill their destiny of becoming the greatest rock band ever, Wyld Stallyns. The way the two interact with figures such as Socrates and Beethoven are some of the best scenes in the film. If you’ve never seen the movie, it’s my favorite Keanu Reeves’ piece, and one that cracks me up every time I watch it. 

For fans of: Back to the Future, Wayne’s World , and Wyld Stallyns

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