‘Leaves of the Tree’ Preview: Interviews with Armand Assante and the Novakovic brothers

Posted in Screening Room by - March 28, 2015

Last Saturday at the Gasparilla film festival in Tampa, Ante and Kresh Novakovic unveiled their new film, Leaves of the Tree. The brothers co-produced the film along with David Healey, a prominent Houston attorney, who also wrote the film. It contains talent such as Armand Assante, Eric Roberts, and Sean young. Kresh Novakovic worked along side the rest of the cast while Ante co-wrote and directed the piece. We also got to talk to them about their plans for their short film The Fix, which was initially conceived as a feature length film, but that was adapted in to a short for festivals last year. Take a listen to the interviews, and keep an eye out for both Leaves of the Tree and the full length version of The Fix.

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