Official ‘Deadpool’ Costume: Warm Sexy Psychopathy

Posted in Screening Room by - March 27, 2015

Feast your hungry eyes on this. Earlier today Ryan Reynolds posted the first photo of the Deadpool costume to his Twitter account. The storied history of the genesis of the upcoming Deadpool film is one worthy of Shakespeare. Beginning with a perfectly cast Reynolds being handed a mangled and mute version of the loquacious Marvel character in the god awful X-Men Origins: Wolverine, followed by years of fans clamoring for Reynolds to take up the role in a legit Deadpool film, and ending in the not so distant past with Reynolds himself releasing a proof of concept short, and finally an official go from the studios. It’s a cinderella story that is thankfully, in my opinion becoming more common. (Guys the X-Files is coming back!) 

For now we know nothing about the plot of the Deadpool film, but can expect a 2016 release date. For now we have to sate ourselves with this image of comics’ most beloved psycho, with that perfectly scrutinizing raised eye.

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