Invader Zim Returns In Comic Book Form

Posted in Screening Room by - February 24, 2015

Fans of things dark, cute, creepy, and hilarious get ready for the official return of Zim. The cult hit animated show Invader Zim is being revived as a comic book by creator Jhonen Vasquez. The show which originally was created for and aired on Nickelodeon was canceled in 2002. It follows the exploits of Zim, a sociopathic alien hell-bent on single handedly conquering Earth. After a brief, but beloved two season run the show was canceled, but it has maintained an avid cult following

During that run we got to witness such wonderful sights as an elementary school kid having his eyes ripped out and replaced with mechanical ones. Here’s hoping that the transition to comic books and away from the targeted programming of Nickelodeon will only allow Vasquez to expand his dark comic vision. Invader Zim will be released on Oni Press starting July 1st. 

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