5 Reasons Why You Need to Read Injustice

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Injustice: Gods Among Us was a 2013 video game release that featured an alternate DC timeline in which Superman becomes a ruthless world dictator. While the game was met with mostly positive reception, the best thing to come out of it was the Injustice comic book. The game takes place 5 years after Superman’s descent into darkness, and the books, beginning in year 1, show the changes take place. Currently, Year 3 of the book is almost complete (all the issues are released digitally first but collected in 12 real issues per Injustice year), and it has brought some of the most interesting and engaging portrayals of well known characters in recent memory because:

1. Tom Taylor Knows How To Write a Great Story – Not bound to the rules of the actual 52 universe, Tom Taylor’s mainstream comics breakout was due to Injustice. He actually finished his run near the end of the Year 3 books, but his writing is constantly engaging and interesting. Plus, with Injustice serving as his springboard, I hope to see him tackle more continuity rich stories, and I expect him to become a big name in the comic world sooner than later. 

2. There Are No Rules – Many of your favorite characters will die brutal deaths. As mentioned above, other than keeping in line with the videogame’s story, there is free reign to who you kill, and in this universe, when dead you stay dead. Some great characters have met absolutely brutal ends (does a pregnant Lois Lane being launched into outer space unprotected sound tame to you?). 

3. Rapid Shipping Schedule – While not the most consistent shipping schedule, Injustice churns out about 2 print books a month, sometimes even 3. With a shipping schedule like that, your thirst for what happens next is quickly sated. Given the scope of the story and players involved (literally every major and minor DC character gets a chance to shine), it’s nice to have quick resolutions to your lingering questions.

4. There is an Endgame – As the books lead up to the game, and we know the final ending, it actually works in the book’s favor that it won’t be stretched past the point of feeling fresh. Therefore, we’re given stories that pull no punches, but keep us with the characters we grew up and loved, with a completely new twist. Despite this, by the Year 5 books, we know how this will end, and the same story beats won’t be beaten over and over.

5. Superman is the Villain – Without going into too many plot specific points, Superman is the clear villain in these books. We see his slow descent as his methods get gradually more and more horrific. Despite knowing how his character will end up, I can’t help but hope he becomes redeemed, but by the end of Year 1, it becomes apparent this isn’t the boy scout we’ve grown to know and love. His origins are the same, but this is a completely difference character that merely shares a namesake with the Clark Kent that we knew. Plus, he’s hardly the only major character that undergoes a significant about face in the series, but his character arc is what truly drives the series and makes it must read. 

If I could describe the Injustice books in one sentence, it would be that the books are essentially the best Elseworlds style book DC has ever published. Injustice: Year 4  has already been announced, and I can’t wait to see what the next 12 issues bring. 

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